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Photo of Ampros Ampros

At Ampros we develop electric propulsion systems for those who love water travel, appreciate silence and care for the planet. Our product is a modular solution for electrifying a boat propulsion system. It is based on high-tech components, so it can be adapted to the requirements of any specific project.

Ampros electric hybrid boat

AMPROS has an electric propulsion system for any type of boat.
We are also ready to design a custom solution for your needs.


The diesel generator is an additional source of energy that can help you cover long distances without recharging in port.

This system has a higher energy density than pure electric and is more environmentally friendly than diesel-based range extenders.

Sokolow, Poland


Photo of Annapolis Hybrid Marine Annapolis Hybrid Marine

logos of electric boat products sold by Annapolis Hybrid MarineOur love of the environment and being on the water brought us into the electric marine propulsion business. Being able to enjoy sailing without the noise, vibration, fumes and maintenance woes associated with a diesel engine was a major factor in looking at electric propulsion for our own boat. When we found out there was a need for a U.S. distributor for the Thoosa systems, we agreed it was the right time to move into this field. David’s degree as an electrical engineer and my skills with marketing, design and management were the perfect mix to begin Annapolis Hybrid Marine. We love helping fellow boaters find the joys of quiet, clean, green sailing and boating.

Location: Annapolis, MD, USA

Photo of clean emarine clean emarine

Your partner for marine electric propulsion and control systems. We design, install, test and document custom systems based on AC motor solutions using lithium battery banks for large professional vessels and pleasure yachts. We manufacture, sell and service the Thoosa & Triton electric propulsion systems for pleasure craft. These include sailboats, trawlers and small motor launches.

Photo of Columbia Marine Columbia Marine
columbiamarinesales.com 860.228.9343

Columbia Marine pontoon boatAt Columbia Marine we specialize in Pontoon boats and Solar/Electric power drives. We feature Qwest, Gillgetter and South Bay Pontoon boats as well as Torqeedo electric drive systems. Our goal is to help you decide, what pontoon boat, features and engine combination best meet your needs and to make your boat buying experience as enjoyable as possible. We offer a no hassle, no high pressure sales environment where you can feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Location: Columbia, CT, USA

Photo of Drinkwaard Drinkwaard
drinkwaard.com +31 184 412332

With a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, we are at your service. At Drinkwaard Marine you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft.

Photo of e-Marine Systems e-Marine Systems
emarineinc.com 954-581-2505

Founded in 1999, e Marine Systems is a distributor of MARINE ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS specializing in SOLAR PANELS, WIND GENERATORS, ELECTRIC PROPULTION DRIVES, INVERTERS and BATTERIES (ENERGY STORAGE) products including complete installation kits, control panels, high output alternators, inverters, chargers, battery isolators and battery combiners. We assist boat owners/mechanics to determine boat system power demands and then help size/supply the necessary components to provide a complete, on board, alternative energy system.

Photo of E-NAV Systems E-NAV Systems
e-navsystems.com +33 7 49 66 80 88

E-NAV Systems electric boat refits

eNAV SYSTEMS is a design company that specializes in providing propulsion and green energy solutions for boats: electric and hybrid engines, hydro-generation, photovoltaic or wind power production…

We equip different types of boats: pleasure or racing sailboats, motorboats, charteryatchs, passenger boats, workboats, dinghies.

We design electric or hybrid motor solutions by choosing the best of the current technology in order to offer optimal navigation performances and comfort on board. We select our suppliers among the best brands.

Location: Grand Motte, France

Photo of EClass Outboards EClass Outboards

EClass Outboard - man driving boat with electric motor

Are you looking at changing to electric outboards?

Our packaged deals are a great way to get started.

Our Outboards:

Are Australian Made
Have realistic run times
Have no engine maintenance
Are pollution free
Light and easy to transport

Location: Kiama, NSW, Australia

Photo of Electric Marina Electric Marina
electricmarina.com 727.517.5330

Electric Marina logo and logos of brands sold

Convert to Electric Propulsion
Electric Boats, Electric Inboard Motors, Batteries and more


Why Electric?
Low Maintenance
Electric motors last longer and are easier to maintain for stress-free boat ownership.

Protects the Environment
Say goodbye to fumes and pollution, and preserve the waters you enjoy for future generations.

Saves Money
Enjoy lower insurance rates and operational costs when you switch from diesel or gasoline to electric.

Location: St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Photo of Electrified Marina Electrified Marina

Electrified Marina electric boats rental and salesA group of passionate entrepreneurs working to transition the boating world to a more sustainable future.

Electric Boat Rentals
Our top-notch boat rental offering at Electrified Marina allows you to embark on transformative voyages while embracing eco-conscious technology.

Electric Boat Sales

As the sole authorized distributor of X-shore and Vision Marine Technologies in Virginia, we bring you the latest innovations in electric boating.

Electric Motors, Batteries and Repowers
We are proud to sell Dakota batteries and Elco outboard and inboard motors.  If you’re interested in a quote for batteries, motors, or a repower, please call or text our sales team.

Norfolk, VA, USA




Photo of EMO Electric EMO Electric
emoelectric.co 631.204.8188

EMO electric boat motors


EMO Electric can help you choose a small engine for your dinghy or sailboat, repower your boat with an electric outboard, integrate solar charging into your marina or home, and even help you design and fabricate your own custom-built electric boat!

EMO Electric is a dealer for Torqeedo, Elco, and ePropulsion and will offer electric outboards from other manufacturers as new companies bring their outboards to market.

East Moriches, NY, USA

Photo of Energy Solutions Energy Solutions

Marine is Energy Solutions’ longest established market area , since 1996 we have been working with leading OEM boatbuilders, superyacht owners, boat yards and individual sailing and motor yachts. As well as helping clients find power and control systems that fit their requirements we continually strive to introduce new, innovative products to our customers. We research, design and manufacture in house and provide new ways for our clients to attract customers and set themselves apart in terms of look, efficiency and technology. Working with products from the world’s leading manufacturers we are able to offer clients fully designed systems incorporating all elements form helm panels to tank senders.

Photo of Green Star Marine Green Star Marine

For more information, use Contact Page on website.

Photo of Green Waves Green Waves
greenwaves.no +47 48 42 85 03

Electric boat from Green Waves

In 2017 Green Waves Ltd was established by Ole Jakob Salomonsen, Ida Salomonsen Thorrud, Carl Fredrik Salomonsen and Karsten Emil Salomonsen. Company headquarters is located to Gjeving, a village on the Norwegian south coast.

The objective of the company is to create an environmentally friendly experience close to nature for its clients.

Location: Gjeving, Norway

Photo of Hutting Yachts Hutting Yachts
hutting-yachts.com +316 15169789

Would you like to sail electric or hybrid? And are you curious whether your sailing yacht can be converted into a hybrid sailing yacht or even be fully electric? We are happy to help you. Together with Stok-electric, we offer completely custom-made solutions for converting sailing yachts into electric or hybrid sailing yachts.

Photo of Hyrex Hyrex
Photo of Marine Electrification Marine Electrification

An impartial consultant supporting the marine industry to embrace electrification
Working towards more sustainable solutions for marine propulsion

Photo of Medvolt Marine Medvolt Marine
medvoltmarine.com + 34 971 22 82 83

Retrofit, conversion of boats to electric motors and hybrids

If you want to switch to electric navigation,
We advise you without obligation.
If you have questions regarding the conversion of your boat, contact us.

We project, design and manufacture electric boats with the latest techniques.

Retrofit and conversions
Comprehensive boat conversion projects to electric and hybrid engines.

Sustainable nautical charter
Enjoy sustainable tourism on a 100% electric boat with a lateen sail.

We get involved in conservation and environmental outreach projects.

Mallorca, Spain


Photo of Nauta Systems Nauta Systems

We are specialists in sustainable navigation solutions

Any type of boat is welcome for electrical transformation.

We work with the best brands to offer you the boat you need.

Ports – Shipyards – Fish farming and aquaculture – Sustainable tourism

Photo of New Electric New Electric
newelectric.nl +31 (0)20 2400647

Electric Vessels. More power.Less noise.
New Electric has an electric solution for everything that floats, big and small, fast and slow. Whether you want to re-power your own boat, go all out with an electric speedboat or prefer an electric outboard motor, we have a perfect, powerful and silent electric solution.
Boart Conversion. Electric Outboards. Custom Made Boats. Electric Drive Trains.

Photo of New Zealand Electric Boat Co. New Zealand Electric Boat Co.

09 889 8059

Photo of Noputtputt Noputtputt

NoPuttPutt is an all-in-one solar electric propulsion system for narrowboats consisting of a brushless motor, lithium battery, inverter, solar panels, display and throttle, plus all the bits to make it work!

Photo of NovaLuxe NovaLuxe
novaluxeyachts.com 347-502-5332

Electric Solar Yacht from NovaLuxeNova Luxe Yachts works directly with Aquila, Aspen, Fountaine Pajot, Leopard, Hudson, Havana, Endeavour and Maine Cat to create fully electric power catamaran yachts. We ensure your electric build
is done properly and you always have power when you need it! We warranty the electrical system and our customers are treated like family.

Location: Point Lookout, NY, USA

Photo of Nylund’s Boat House Nylund’s Boat House
+358 40 577 2545

Nylund’s has done work with Oceanvolt in conversions yachts from fossil fuel to electric and/or hybrid propulsion. An example is Project Night Train, a conversion from traditional diesel drive to an hybrid electric solution using an Oceanvolt AXC40 with 28 kWh Lithium battery pack and 22 kW DC gnerator. The project was completed spring 2021 and the yacht has been operating since then.

Photo of Old School Classics Old School Classics
oldschool-classics.at +43/699/10672446
Photo of Petawatts Petawatts
petawatts.ca (778)-692-3024

Petawatts electric boat refitting

Repowering classic boats with electric drivetrains and propulsion systems.

We believe electrification is the route to go in boating. Not only for ourselves but for the next generations. We are newcomers to Canada from Europe with the dream of electrifying the recreation vehicles in this country.

We can install electric outboard and inboard motors, controllers, cabling, displays, batteries, charging ports and BMS systems. We also install all kinds of boating electronics. Get your new electric outboard from us (see products) or bring along your outboard from other manufacturers for installation. We can also do work at your home or marina.

Location: Vernon, BC, Canada

Photo of Port d’Hiver Yachting Port d’Hiver Yachting

Official Distributor for Rand Boats in France.
Located in Bormes-les-Mimosas, Port d’Hiver Yachting offer new and pre-owned Rand boats  as well as berths in the area of the French Riviera.

The shipyard had engineers fully set to handle all marine needs including
> Mechanical maintenance
> Woodworking
> Stratification
> Complete painting
> Crane
> Conveying
> Wintering on 8500m2 (4000m2 in hangar)


Photo of Ruckmarine Ruckmarine
ruckmarine.com 510-816-0101

electric boat form Ruckmarine in CaliforniaSpecializing in Advanced Electric Sportboats
Ruckmarine is partnering with leading producers worldwide to bring you the latest in high-performance electric sportboats. Based nearby beautiful Lake Tahoe in Northern California, Ruckmarine is ideally located to introduce clean electric sportboats to the U.S. market.

Location: Truckee, CA, USA

Photo of Sail Electric Sail Electric
sailelectric.com Contact form on website

The Sail Electric team design, distribute and install marine renewable energy, electric propulsion, power delivery and monitoring systems from a world-class supply chain.

Our aim is to forge a future where we can all sustainably enjoy our time on the water, with minimal impact on our marine ecosystems.

North Devon, England

Photo of Sail On Green Sail On Green

We will be happy to advise you on your Green propulsion change.
We are an engineering service that designs and installs custom electric propulsion and renewable energy systems on ships.

At Sail On Green, we are ready to take you to a cleaner and more exciting sea. Discover our services for a brighter nautical future.

Photo of Stok Electric Stok Electric

STOK Electric offers hybrid and electrical systems including energy optimization for both existing and new-build vessels. This allows for cleaner, quieter and safer sailing.

Photo of Sunlight Conversions Sunlight Conversions

Leading the boating industry to a cleaner future.
We specialize in re-powering sailboats and small displacement hulls with electric propulsion.

For thousands of years, sailboats have sailed the seas by using only the forces of nature at hand.

With today’s modern technology on board; we can continue those early sailors legacy by using only the renewable power of the wind hitting our sails and the sun spinning our props and filling our batteries.

We partner with other leaders in the industry to provide services for Sailboats, SMall Displacement Hull Boats, Outboards and Solar installations.

New Jersey, USA

Photo of Synapseo Nautisme Synapseo Nautisme
synapseo-nautisme.com +336 2626 4646

Synapseo electric inboard boat motorFounded by passionate sailors with a common goal to make our oceans, seas and rivers great again.

We have developed the KYWAT, an adaptive in-board solutions that can easily replace your old diesel or gasoline engines.

We also distribute and install any other kind of outboard engines such as pods, saildrives or classic outboard engines designed by quality system manufacturers. We test all different engines in-water to offer the most reliable to our customers.

Our mission: “To offer all boaters and professionals, the transition to electric so that everyone can enjoy and to contribute to nature’s purity, in the interest of all.”
Vincent Bedu, Founder and CEO

Nivillac, France

Photo of Weenav Weenav

Pure navigation .
High power engine solutions , 100% electric or hybrid , tailor-made .
Adapted for your boat, whether new or for your retrofit project .

Photo of Yesen Sustain Yesen Sustain
yesensustain.com +91 04842961176

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