Electric Pontoon Boats: QWest and Gilgetter by Apex Marine

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Qwest’s “E-Class” pontoon boats are the perfect Pontoon Boats to power Electrically.

With their lightweight, Progressive design they pair beautifully with the Torqeedo Electric engines to make the perfect Electric Pontoon boat package!

Exceptional Quality
At Qwest, we have a passion for delivering excellent experiences on the water. Since our founding, we’ve always strived to create pontoons that fit your lifestyle and last for a lifetime. Our company is always pushing the boundaries with innovative designs and distinctive looks that are unique to Qwest Pontoons.

Progressive Design
Offering an unrivaled array of modern multi-function layouts, aggressive performance packages, and endless design choices for cruising, fishing, bar boats and water sports. We are leading the industry with progressive, real world designs and features you can only find on a Qwest pontoon.

Hand Crafted Touch
Hand-crafted quality to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. Ultra-Flow seat ventilation promotes optimum air flow inside the seat bases to aid in drying stored items and to prevent mold/mildew growth. Innovative seat bases constructed with our proprietary Dura-Lite composite material are stronger, lighter and provide unmatched storage space.

Ultra-Flow Technology
Qwest Pontoons Ultra-Flow seat ventilation promotes optimum air flow inside the seat bases to aid in drying stored items and to help prevent mold/mildew growth. Innovative seat bases constructed with our proprietary Dura-Lite composite material are stronger, lighter and provide storage space that is unrivaled.

Fits Your Lifestyle
From the quality of materials to the thoughtfulness of every floor plan, for every technology seen and unseen, for every stitch we make and every standard we meet, Qwest has exactly what you need – nothing more and nothing less.

Apex Marine Inc. Qwest products are designed and assembled with pride in the USA.
With over 50 years of combined history and expertise at Apex Marine, we continue to innovate and give meaning to the words “Proudly American Made.” Qwest, a division of Apex Marine, is committed to manufacturing high-quality pontoon boats and is driven by a passion to build the best boat for our customers while exceeding market expectations.

Our incredible modern-day designs are equipped with cutting edge technology and specifically designed to give you an unforgettable experience. We are driven to give you exceptional quality, contemporary multifunctional layouts, generous packages, and nonstop modern design arrays for fishing, bar boats, cruising and water sports. We are always pushing ourselves to produce the best pontoons possible with class-leading features and quality. When you’re looking at a Qwest, you’ll know that it was designed and built to last.

Gillgetter models.
A legacy of efficient and dependable pontoon boats, this series is our original compact pontoon design with quality standard features and affordable amenities. Gillgetter models come in lengths from 13 to 15 feet with 6 and 7 foot widths and are perfect for smaller bodies of water. Gillgetters are available in several different models.

Qwest Edge series.
Make the most of your time on the water with our new Edge series. Efficient and streamlined designs with robust construction offer an incredible value. Taking comfort, style and affordability to the edge is what this series is all about. The Edge models are perfect for those who want to buy upstream but don’t need all the amenities. The discerning buyer will know they are getting a boat that has everything they need without skimping on their boating opportunities.

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Qwest Adventure series.
Qwest Adventure series boats represent a step up in luxury and amenities. From 14 to 20 feet in length and with a wider 71/2 width. Rear entry and permanent boarding ladders make these the perfect platform for family fun. Loaded with more standard options than our Gillgetter models these boats are what pontoon fun is all about. You will find that these models although compact in size are comparable to any big boat in the market.

Qwest LS.
Qwest LS models represent the State-of-the-art in “compact” Luxury pontoons. From 14 to 20 feet and available in numerous configurations, these boats rival any luxury pontoon in fit, finish and features. If you want a “premium” pontoon but only need it in a “compact” size, look no further than the “Qwest LS” by Apex Marine. From its Stainless steel cup holders to its JBL stereo, comfort and luxury are what this boat is all about. Outstanding color choices and custom graphics let you stand out from the other boats on your lake.

And remember all Gillgetter and Qwest models are available with gas or electric power. If a “compact” pontoon is what you need, you just can’t beat the quality and performance of a boat built by Apex Marine!

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