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Nancy Frainetti

My offer is a 2000, Duffy 21 Classic, hull, deck and stainless steel surrey framework that I own from being a Duffy sales representative 1998-2004....

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The Electric Marina

Used 10 kW electric motor for sailboat. 20 HP equivalent. 48 V system. Great for replacement atomic 4 or old diesel. Was saving it to...

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SUPER AIR NAUTIQUE GS22E A first of its kind, the Super Air Nautique GS22E is a revolutionary electric towboat unlike anything else on the market...

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Stealth Electric Outboards

The outboard starts out life as a brand new 2 stroke outboard without the power head, supplied by a Yamaha competitor. All the components on...

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Stealth Electric Outboards

The Stealth E18KW can power most smaller lightweight boats at planning speeds of 18-20MPH for at least an hour and get this done with a...

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RJ Nautical

NAVY 6.0 delivers 6kw of input power, equivalent to 9.9HP in terms of propulsion. Its excellent design received IF Design Award 2015. Elegant and delivering...

 Motors /  California

Four Seas

Pods are a relatively new power system—the first Volvo Penta IPS was introduced in 2005—that eliminates the need for shafts, struts, and rudders. Instead of...

 Motors /  California

Liquid Surf and Sail

Navy 6.0 Most powerful within ePropulsion and ideal for bass boats, RIBs and workboats up to 6 tonnes. 9.9 HP Equivalent propulsive power Ultra-low Maintenance...

 Motors /  Florida

Niemiec Marine

Input Power: 3 kw Equivalent Horsepower: 6 hp Rated RPM 2300 Shaft Length: 64 cm / 25.3 inches (measured from transom to center line of...

 Motors /  Massachusetts

Nova Luxe Yachts

High-efficiency pod motor (fixed position), 5-6 HP equivalent (2.0) or 8-9.9 HP equivalent (4.0) Please note that the Cruise comes with the v13/p4000 propeller (1954-00)....

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