Aqua superPower expands high speed marine charging network, adds commercial ports

High speed marine charging network operator Aqua superPower has added a number of new high installations to its growing network and also announced a strategic focus on electric workboats and other commercial applications.

In September two chargers – both Aqua 75 models – were installed in Sweden, followed by the company’s first installation in Italy’s Gulf of Naples. In November the Yacht Club de Monaco – site of Aqua’s first station in 2019 – became the first marina to install two Aqua 200 HPC marine chargers.

On the commercial front, Aqua has received financial backing in the UK to enable the expansion of services to the unique requirements of commercial ports and harbours. This funding is in addition to that of the UK government for the Zero Emissions Network of Workboats (ZENOW).

High speed marine charging for commercial e-boats

Electric workboats are poised to become one of the fastest growing segments of the e-boat market for a couple of reasons. One is that they are constantly in use, so they are spending considerably less money every time they recharge with electricity instead of paying for combustion fuel. Couple that with drastically reduced maintenance costs compared to ICE systems and the savings add up even more.

Where the Aqua superPower capabilities come in is also related to money. Nowhere is the phrase ‘time is money’ more appropriate than in he workboat sector. The faster these boats can recharge the faster they can get back to work. Aqua has proven the capabilities of its high speed DC charging system through dozens of installations in Europe and North America for recreational boats and is ready to address the needs of operations such as ferry services, patrol, port services, and general workboats.

Electric mooring boat launches later this year

The LHD Group is a French corporation that provides 24/7 services in the maritime, port and river sectors. LHD Président Jean Luc Desmars says: “LHD is developing and financing the first electric mooring boat for commercial port application, to be launched in Q4-24 and are partnering with Aqua Superpower on the fast-charging solution that will allow our vessel to recharge in less than one hour on a 400kW DC charger”

For the ports themselves, the Aqua business model provides them with a cost-free charging infrastructure that is funded, future-proofed, and managed by Aqua. Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua, says this is an integral part of the company’s mission to propel the adoption of battery electric vessels forward – contributing significantly to global decarbonization goals.

Lastly, there is an added benefit for the commercial sector in switching to electricity because it is better for everyone around the boats, harbours and ports. The primary source of emissions in many vessels stems from the combustion of heavy fuel oil in their diesel engines. It’s not just carbon that is being spit into the atmosphere, but also toxic particulates that are now widely recognized as contributing to respiratory and health issues.

high speed marine charging station in Kungshamn, Sweden

Sweden: building out a charging corridor

In 2022 Lyckans Slip Marina became the first site in Sweden with an Aqua high speed charger and in September of 2023 two new installations were added in Kungshamn and Hamburgsund.

This is the beginning of a comprehensive charging corridor that will be available for one of the world’s leading electric boat markets (both recreational and commercial).

Sweden has more than 800,000 recreational boats, one of the world’s highest densities per person. Extensive archipelagos and the serene bays and tranquil waters along the country’s West coast make it a haven for leisure boating and a thriving tourism sector.


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These two new installations will help to ease any concerns potential e-boat buyers have about range anxiety and help grow the market for electrics.

Niclas Wulker-Petterson of Aqua, Business Development Manager for the Nordics, says “Access to charging that provides a reliable and safe ‘plug & go’ experience, and offers features like charge point visibility, is essential for leisure and commercial boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition to zero emission electric boats. Our goal is to expand this charging corridor to ultimately make it possible to go by electric boat from Gothenberg to Oslo in Norway without range anxiety.”

Marina da Stabia with Mt. Vesuvius in background

Italy: first marine fast charger in the Gulf of Naples

The Marina di Stabia shelters under the awe-inspiring presence of Mount Vesuvius and is proud of its position as a leading advocate for sustainable maritime practices. In a significant step in this direction, Aqua partnered with the Marina to install a high speed charger

This will reduce any range anxiety for electric boaters by facilitating easy access to the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida. As with Aqua’s Sweden installations, the Marina di Stabia’s strategic position within the Gulf of Naples makes it the ideal place to establish and extend a marine fast charging corridor to the nearby Sorrento and Amalfi Peninsulas.

“We are thrilled to lead the charge in embracing Aqua superPower’s revolutionary marine fast charge network, positioning Marina di Stabia as a vanguard of sustainable boating practices in the Gulf of Naples,” said Salvatore La Mura, Marina Manager at Marina di Stabia.

“Our decision to integrate this innovative technology reflects our steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of fostering a greener and more sustainable maritime landscape.”

Marina di Stabia

High speed marine charging unit at the Yacht Club de Monaco

Monaco: meeting the growing demand for electric boats

In 2019, the Yacht Club de Monaco (YCM) was the first marina in the world to equip its dock with Aqua’s DC marine fast chargers and further paved the way for the adoption of electric boating by adding electric tenders to the Club’s Sports Section fleet.

Now it has taken its commitment to electric boating a step further with the installation of two Aqua 200 HPC marine chargers to meet the growing demands in one of the world’s most prestigious and important boat markets.

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One of the YCM’s premier events has become the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023. To meet the demands of more than 50 electric boats participating in the MEBC, the Club asked Aqua superPower to to create the biggest single pontoon marine fast charging installation in the world.

As part of that project Aqua entered a partnership with world leading developer of scalable EV charging solutions Kempower. This partnership assists high usage site operators like YCM in managing their evolving demand for electric boat charging, enhancing revenue, and supporting the marine industry’s transition to electric propulsion.

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower said “We are committed to fostering a cleaner environment and working for emission-free transportation, not only on land but also at sea. Participating in the development of the world’s largest public marine fast-charging installation on a single pontoon was a significant milestone in advancing the electrification of boats. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Aqua superPower in the future.”

Aqua superPower  Kempower  Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 

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