Boathouse charges your e-boat using solar/wind

Lithuania’s VM Productions, who developed the VM800 and VM900 all-electric fishing trawlers (8m and 9m respectively), are now testing an electric boat house/garage that has integrated wind turbines and solar panels to charge the batteries of any electric boat or car.

Sarunas Danilavicius, Export Manager at the company, told news agency BNS Lithuania that the boathouse will have 12 wind turbines.

vertcial-axis wind turbines about 6 feet tall in a screened in section on top of a boathouseAs you can see from the photographs on the VM website, the wind turbines are vertical-axis and make up a sort of ‘second storey’ of the building surrounded by screening instead of solid walls. Solar panels sit on top of the roof of the whole structure.

Presumably the panels and turbines can charge any battery, on a boat or on land, or an EV when used as a garage with a house.

Danilevicius says the company can produce around 10-12 of the green buildings per year – in addition to 3 boats – and has plans to export to Scandinavia.


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