Crowdfunding the world’s fastest electric jetski

The world’s fastest electric jetski is a new electric boat crowdfunding project that comes from Jamie Marley. Jamie is a UK-based electric and hybrid propulsion consultant who has tons of experience with companies like Torqeedo and tons of knowledge and enthusiasm for electric boats big and small.

The man developing the world's fastest jetski, Jamie Marley, pilots a boat with GreatThunberg in Plymouth harbourHe also happens to be the man in this photograph piloting the Torqeedo-powered boat helping Greta Thunberg set off on her now famous trip from Plymouth to New York on the Malizia II back in August.

As he says on his crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder:

I have spent my life around the water and boats, as well my career around marine electrical systems on all types of watercraft. I’m fortunate to be able to follow  my dreams and personal interests electrifying watercraft.

Multiple electric jetskis being showcased

Now he has set himself the task of putting together the world’s fastest electric jetski. He’s taking an old Yamaha  Waverunner perfectly matched for his intentions because it had a blown fossil fuel engine and putting in a repurposed electric motor with second life batteries.  The new drivetrain will be charged from his home solar panels.

He’s hoping you’ll climb on board his project. You can pitch in as little as £10 and there are different rewards for increasing amounts, topping of with the possibility that Jamie “would consider, if the right offer came to sell the fully operational prototype electric jetski for £18,000 (or more).

This is definitely a turning point year for electric jetskis. In just the past few months we’ve written about:

It’s also a big year for crowdfunding electric boat projects with X-Shore, Oceanvolt and Deepspeed all completing successful campaign.

Go get ’em, Jamie!

As it says on the Crowdfunder page: Let’s make ‘THE WORLD’S FASTEST ELECTRIC JETSKI PROJECT’ happen.

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