Electric Boat Dusseldorf Debuts: The DutchCraft D25

The world’s largest boat show – BOOT 2020 – is witnessing a lot of electric boat Dusseldorf debuts, with one of the highlights being the DutchCraft 25, a stunning new 8 metre carbon fibre electric tender. After its unveiling on Sunday (19 Jan), it can be seen at the DutchCraft area in Hall 01 – Stand C37. 

It’s another example of what an exciting year it is going to be for electric boats. For evidence, check out the  Plugboats Directory to Dusseldorf that highlights 36 companies with electric boats and accessories that are exhibiting at the world’s biggest boat show.

Electric propulsion integral to DutchCraft25 design

DutchCraft is the sister company of Zeelander Yachts, which builds superb luxury yachts of up to 74 feet. That relationship gives DC keen insight into what the owners of large boats want in a tender, and how an all-electric version can meet and exceed their desires and expectations. Many of those yacht owners are curious about the capabilities of electric boats, and the DutchCraft25 delivers.

Layout of electric components in the DutchCraft 25The DC25 was designed from the outset to be all-electric, unlike some boats where the buyers pick a propulsion method after the boat is built.

With the DC25 every aspect of the engineering and construction takes the electric components into account and places them where they not only maximize the performance of the boat but also allow for a wide variety of uses.

The batteries, for instance, are situated to create optimum overall balance, whatever load is placed on the deck above. If the DC25 is used as a tender for a superyacht, that load could be anything from some fishing rods to dive tanks and sea scooters to an onboard ATV or a pair of jetskis. (Hopefully electric like these!)

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The 100 kW motor in the DC25 can be paired with battery packs of 79kWh to 127kWh capacity, giving cruising time of 75 minutes at 32 knots (60kmh / 35mph) and at the other end of the speed/autonomy range, 6 hours at 6 kts (11kmh / 7mph). Whatever the speed, the captain and guests get the pleasure of a next-best-thing-to-silence cruise.

The configuration of the electric drivetrain helps enable a draft of only 82cm (32″) – which in turn let the designers create a proprietary hinged bow door that acts as a mini gangplank for easy embarking and disembarking, particularly in shallow beach areas. At the stern the transom can be adjusted to create a swim platform.

High sides and a collapsible hardtop

One of the other clever and distinctive features of the DC25 is the collapsible hardtop. It pivots as it is lowered toward the bow to provide a protected space on the foredeck and the overall height of the boat goes from 11.0 feet (3.33 meters) to 6.4 feet (1.97 meters) for storage in a tender garage.

Similar to other electric boats introduced in the past year, like the monohull X-Shore and catamaran Bagou, the DutchCraft25 has high sides that create a feeling of comfort, intimacy and safety for the passengers. Speaking of passengers, when used as a ship to shore tender, there is room for up to 12 people to sit back and and chat without having to yell above the roar of a fossil fuel motor. (A limousine version is in development.)

Dusseldorf debut demonstrates DutchCraft committed to electric 

With all of its attributes, the DutchCraft 25 is sure to attract attention in the yachting world and build awareness of the unique benefits of a boat with an electric motor.

Floris Koopmans, Sales & Marking Manager at DutchCraft, said “We believe electric propulsion will be key in a future that cares about ocean preservation. We are committed to investing in this positive movement, and the technology that we have developed for the DC25 is a step in the right direction.”

Judging by the number of electric Dusseldorf debuts taking place next week, more and more companies are joining DutchCraft in taking those steps. Great to see!

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