Electric Boats Weekly Update Mar 24-31

Here’s a summary and electric boat update of all the posts and articles on Plugboats last week about the rapidly changing world of electric boats and non-ICE marine propulsion. Click here »» for our Newsletter Archive

group of people in a boat with a sign that says I'm Made of Recycled Plastic


Electric recycled boat sets off for ‘plastic fishing’

Bottles to boat! The Hubbub charity in the UK has scheduled this year’s tour to fish plastic out of Britain’s inland waterways in ‘Poly Mer’ an electric-powered punt boat made of recycled plastic and built by the man who built the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Rowbarge.

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The students of the solar boat team hold up their boat and raise their arms for the camera


Solar boat preparing to conquer English Channel

The TU Deflt (Technical University of Delft, Netherlands) is one of the oldest and most accomplished solar boat teams in Europe. Now they are preparing their new trimaran to cross the English Channel using only solar power and break the record set in 2014.

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Offices of the Port of Antwerp, a dramatic building by architect Zaha Hadid


Energy Observer,  a research vessel that is circumnavigating the globe using nothing but hydrogen harvested from seawater (using solar panels to power the elecrrolysis) has landed in Antwerp. It’s the first leg of a Northern Europe journey that will take the vessel and its crew of scientists well into the Arctic Circle and back.

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a man pilots the world speed holder Clavis Victron solar boat

The Yacht Club de Monaco and the Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge (where TU Delft placed 2nd overall in 2017) has won the Environmental Award from UIM, the Union Internationale de Motonautique – the world’s powerboating authority.

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artists rendition of a large green oil tanker on the sea

There is some irony in the fact that the first all-electric oil tanker is a bunker tanker that distributes fuel in order to gas up ocean going vessels while they are in port, but you have to start somewhere!

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a 40 person passenger boat is being converted to a solar boat


Anne of Green Gables is probably the most famous export from Canada’s Prince Edward Island province, but now there’s a new kind of green. This solar powered tourist boat is ready to be launched in May to give visitors quiet and clean jaunt around the harbour of provincial capital Charlottetown.

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