Energy Observer launches ‘Solutions’ web series

Energy Observer, the French research vessel circumnavigating the globe on solar, wind and hydrogen power, has launched a new web series as part of its mission to inspire clean energy solutions worldwide by “seeking sustainable solutions wherever they are and putting them into images through exclusive audio-visual content”.

The series is called Energy Observer Solutions with short 2-3minute videos highlighting ‘local hero’ solutions that address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in Agenda 2030. Energy Observer is the first French ambassador for the agenda.

a series of four photos illustrating some of the UN goals: Not surprisingly, the videos are beautifully shot and directed. One of the leaders of the Energy Observer project is photographer and documentary filmmaker Jérome Delafosse, who also hosted ‘Les Nouveaus Explorateurs’ (The New Explorers) television show on the Travel Channel and France’s Canal+.

With this initial launch, there are 21 video stories, organized by topic under the appropriate UN goal themes, such as ‘Give The Oceans a Future’ (#14), ‘Clean Energy for All’ (#7) and ‘End Inequality’ (#10). SOme samples (with lonks to the video):

    Wave power directly transformed into electricity and fed into the grid
    Nets in the mountains of Ait Baâmarane capture the fog to collect drinking water
    In 4 years the divers, swimmers and walkers of the All For Blue association has recovered more than 100 tons of waste on beaches and seabeds

Energy Observer objectives: Test • Inspire • Prove

In addition to the ‘Inspire’ element of their voyage and project, Energy Observer has the goals of Testing and Proving:

Test and optimize the technologies on board our floating laboratory in extreme environments. Field experience to enable their large-scale application.

To citizens, decision-makers and businesses that the ecological transition is underway.

the Energy Observer ship with its rigid wingsails sits in front of the Helsinki SkyWheelIt is an amazing ship using amazing technology. Her custom solar panels and revolutionary rigid wing sails are the source of the electricity that EO uses to extract hydrogen from the sea water it is travelling through…which in turn powers the hydrogen engine. When under sail power the motor also acts a generator using the rotation of the propellers as the boat moves through the water.

Energy Observer is currently in Helsinki (June 12 to June 16, 2019), the 39th port of call on the zero emission trip around the world. From there she will go to St. Petersburg and then start a summer long journey along the coasts of the the Scandinavian countries, well up into the Arctic Circle. She comes back down south along Scotland and will dock from October 13 to 14 under London Bridge.

You can see her live position at any time using this »» link on the Energy Observer website.

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