FlyBus. SeaBubbles’ new hydrofoil electric ferry?

From going through twitter tweets from Alain Thebault, creator of SeaBubbles, the electric hydrofoil water taxi that has landed its first 10 orders, it seems he is ‘thinking of bigger things’.

There have been pictures (with the watermark Dragon Rouge, a global creative agency) and tweets and drawings of the FlyBus, which  seems to be a 32 passenger version of SeaBubbles.

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And we notice that M. Thébault’s twitter profile now says (our emphasis):

 Founder and Creator 2016 |  Founder Designer & Pilot / Two Times World Sailing Speed Record 2009 /  Founder & Designer 2019

The pictures and tweets come not only from M. Thebault, but also from a twitter account @TheFlyBus. that was initiated in July 2018 with account information: “Electric & H2 Flying boats / Model F 12 pax / Model M 32 pax” location “Switzerland”

So far, the response has been very enthusiastic, with people making comments like

“I can already imagine this in Hong Kong Harbour”

@ you really want to innovate? It’s this way..” (TPM is the transit authority of Toulon, France, which oversees 12 municipalities and 435,000 inhabitants)

The FlyBus logo was posted in December.

A log, white on blue, saying THE FLYBUS




Even more intriguing, back in September of 2018  journalist  @AnthonyMorel said in a tweet:

I have the impression that the genius Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal inventors of the “flying taxi boats” are preparing something for us… But what? ?

For now it appears we will all have to wait (very excitedly) and see!


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