New electric outboard motors added to Plugboats Guides

Three new electric outboard motors and two pod motors, all under the brand name e’dyn,  have been added to the Plugboats Guides to electric motors. e’dyn is short for Electric Dynamic Nautics and is the offshoot of Podkriznik d.o.o., an industrial gear and parts manufacturing company in Slovenia that has been around since 1987.

They first introduced their recreational products last October with a lineup that includes the  outboards and pods, 4 inboard motors, controllers, batteries, throttles a 4.5 meter (16 ft) boat made of multilayer polyethylene and one with wood details on the bow deck and interior.

With the addition of the e’dyn portfolio, the Plugboats Guides now include:

  • 35 outboards less then 5 kiloWatts power »» link
  • 37 outboard from 5.15 kiloWatts to 55 kiloWatts  »» link
  • 64 electric trolling motors  »» link
  • 179 saildrive and pod motors  »» link

(We are working on the Guide to Inboards, it should be available within the next 2 weeks.)

e’dyn new electric outboard motors come standalone or system

new electric outboard motor package showing controller, fan and other elementsBecause of the e’dyn connection to the Podkriznik mother company, the motors can be purchased alone or as compete systems. For  the  10kW motor: LCD monochrome 128×64 display (Volts Amps, motor speed, State Of Charge, remaining time), battery charger, throttle, DC/DC converter and AGM lead acid battery. The motors can also operate with Li-ion batteries, but they are not carried by e’dyn.


As for the e’dyn boats, they can be customized for different power ranges – the Adriatic 450 comes in three variations and the Kaiser in two variations.

The range of motors, boats and accessories available with electric propulsion seems to expand by the day. The January boat show season has been particularly active this year, which points to 2020 being a year with more and more products making it easier and easier for recreational boaters to ‘go electric’. Welcome, e’dyn!

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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