New ePropulsion batteries feature fresh ergonomic design

Having launched their new line of electric inboards last fall at METSTRADE, electric boat motor manufacturer ePropulsion is at it again with two new E-Series batteries designed to make electric boating as easy and accessible as possible.

The two new battery packs, the E60 and E163, have energy storage capacities of 3072 Watt hours and 8345 Wh respectively. They join the existing line: the E40 (2048Wh), the E80 (4096Wh) and E175 (8960Wh). All batteries are 48 volt.

The new batteries are designed as supplements to the existing line, with the main benefits being their casing, ergonomic design and convenience features. The batteries of the original line have a more utilitarian look.

ePropulsion batteries lineup including 2 new packs

The new E60 is encased in a light, double-layer plastic housing and can be transported and installed by one person, while the E163 has an impact resistant all-metal housing. Both batteries are IP67 waterproof rated.

They feature an intelligent battery management system (BMS) with a high resolution display showing state of charge, voltage, current and alarm information for maximum safety. For ease of use, connectors can be attached with only one hand – no additional tools are required for a simple installation. 

“While capacity is an obvious focus of user-oriented innovation, making batteries easier to use is also vital to promoting adoption of electric propulsion,” said Danny Tao, CEO, ePropulsion.

New ePropulsion batteries compatible with entire range

In 2021 ePropulsion aligned all of their electric outboard and pod motors to run off a standardized 48V architecture. Both of the new E-Series batteries are designed to provide optimal performance for the entire range. The company says the E60 is particularly suitable for ePropulsion Navy 3.0 Evo (6HP) and the E163 is designed for the Navy 6.0 Evo (9.9HP). 

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The height of the E60 battery is only 300 mm (11.8″). It is 290mm deep (11.4″) and 512mm long (20.2″). To give you a frame of reference, a Group 31 battery is about 9.44 inches (239mm) by 6.72 inches (170mm) by 13 inches (330mm).  A typical Group 31 lead acid battery would weigh in at 27 – 34 kilograms (60-75 lbs), similar to the E60 at 33 kg (74lbs).

All ePropulsion batteries are LiFePO4 chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate) and do not have any of the nickel, cobalt or rare earth elements found in Li-ion batteries using NMC chemistry (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide)

They provide much higher energy density than AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) lead-acid batteries and can be cycled – charged and recharged – as many as 3,000 times.

The E60 and E163 make their debut at the ePropulsion Stand 3101 at Boot Holland, on from March 8-12 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

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