New high performance electric runabout goes 30 knots

A sleek new carbon fibre high performance electric runabout, the Z2R from Zinboats, is grabbing a lot of attention at this week’s Miami International Boat Show.

Built around the Torqeedo Deep Blue propulsion system, the 20’ (6.1m) runabout can hit a top speed of 30 knots (56kmh/35mph) with a suggested cruising speed of 8 kts (15kmh/9 mph).

interior of high performance electric runabout

At cruising speed the Z2R has a range of 125-160 km (80 to 100 mi) – which is 8 to 10 hours out on the water (undisturbed by the noise or fumes of a gas powered engine!) The BMW i3 lithium-ion battery that accompanies the Torqeedo straight shaft inboard can be recharged at standard shore power stations with  110V or 220V systems. In its press release Zin says that the average cost to recharge the Z2R battery in the USA is just under $6.

Carbon fibre is key to high performance electric runabout

The key to the speed and efficiency of the Zin boat is the ultra strong and ultra light 100% carbon fibre. This is the same type of construction used in the SAY 29E that holds the world speed record for production electric boats (50 knots/ 93 kmh 57.5mph). In addition, the Zin was designed right from the drawing board to match and enhance handling and performance for the high torque and other characteristics of electric propulsion.

Designer Piotr Zin first started work on the Z2R two years ago, and is no stranger to boat design and electric mobility. He was Lead Designer at the US Marine division of Brunswick Boats from 2005-2008, and later joined BMW Designworks, which focuses on where transportation of all sorts is headed in the future.

Based in Seattle, he has also spent time at Microsoft and more recently was Director of User Interface design (UX) at Human Inc., named one of the city’s ‘startups to watch’.

high performance electric runabout is from designer of this futuristic winged boat from 2005

While the concept winged yacht on the left that he sketched out in 2010 shows how imaginative he can be given totally free rein, the Z2R is very functional in all aspects, and shows off his expertise in both boat hull design and the ergonomics and aesthetics of interior spaces. The sophisticated electronics and switching system is surrounded by wood finishes, composite accents and comfortable seating.

Each Z2R will be made to order, with every aspect of the boat carefully designed to be customizable for clients. This allows each boat to be made in almost any colour and finish.

More Zin electric boats to come

Zin says “This is just the first step in our development. Z2R is a runabout configuration build for clients who want a luxury high performance boat with good range and uncompromised design and comfort. Later this year we will introduce the Z2T model, a 10 seat tender version. We believe that completely maintenance free tenders are the way of the future for large yachts.”

The 20’ Z2R can be viewed at the “in the water” section of the 2020 Miami boat show in slip P2. If oyu can’t make it to the show, check out the photos on Zin’s Instagram

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