Rand electric boats expands with new models, propulsion

With the new Mana 23 model and expanded propulsion options on its flagship Leisure 28, Rand electric boats now offers five designs with hull lengths of 18 to 28 feet (5.5 m to 8.5 metres) and motors ranging all the way from 4 to 240 kilowatts.

The smallest of the line is the Picnic 18 (5.35m), an open day-cruiser which features an unsinkable construction with a foam core made of recycled plastic bottles. Like all of the Rand boats, it has an open transom design that allows the maximum space for passengers, maximum flexibility for seating arrangements and gives a wide open feel to a boating trip.

The Picnic can be outfitted as an inboard or outboard. For inboard it comes with a Torqeedo Cruise 4kW or 10kW, and can take up to a Torqeedo Deep Blue 80kW outboard.

Moving up the line, there is the new Mana 23, Play 24, Supreme 27, and the Leisure 28 – the only model with a closed bow – that accommodates a queen-sized bed and bathroom, as well as a kitchen and bar. (An open deck kitchen and bar are also options for the Mana 23).

Rand electric boats started in 2013

Rand electric boat Picnic model on the canals in CopenhagenRand boats was started in 2013 by Copenhagen architect and designer Karl Rai Rand. Not coincidentally he is also one of the co-founders of GoBoat, a company launched in 2014 offering electric boat rentals for touring the city’s waterways.

From the beginning both Rand and GoBoat have been dedicated to sustainable construction and operations. The entire range of Rand boats use materials developed from recycled plastics and bio-based hybrids like Flexiteek decking, and GoBoat is headquarters are in a solar powered building.

One of the things that you notice immediately about Rand boats is the simplicity and classicism of the Scandinavian design. The other thing that hits you is that the deck configurations have a look and feel that is closer to a home or apartment on water rather than a nautical vibe. There are banquette seating arrangements with dining tables in the centre, or lounging areas  with sofa-like sun beds and other seats that can be adjusted like you might shift furniture around a living room.

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Electric inboards, saildrives, sterndrives, outboards

While the Rand boats are also available with fossil fuel burning motors, it is obvious from the light weight and hydrodynamics of the hulls that these were meant to be driven by electrics. That may be one of the reasons there is such a wide variety of options for electric propulsion.

The Play 24, for instance, can be paired with a 20kW saildrive, a 75-130kW sterndrive or outboards of 20kW and 55kW. The Leisure 28 can take a 100kW Torqeedo Deep Blue shaft drive and up to a 240kW sterndrive. You can see complete details about range and speed on the Rand website

The Mana 23 and expanded electric propulsion options for the Leisure 28 are just another example of the exciting activity in the electric boat world of the Scandinavian countries. Swedish  hydrofoiling boat pioneer Candela continues to win awards and also land orders, announcing that they have sold 15 of their flying boats this year.

Norway’s Freepower Solarboat has launched a crowdfunding campaign to back its solar powered e-boat, and Evoy, also from Norway, announced the world’s most powerful electric outboard, a 150kW unit being developed for use on the expedition RIBs of Hurtigruten arctic cruises.

Rand Boats

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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Hull Length 7 metres / 23 feet
Hull Width 2.3 metres / 6 feet
Draft 25 cm / 12 inches
Weight (excluding engine) 690 kg /1500 lbs
Maximum Crew / Passengers 12 Persons
Maximum Power 25 kW
Engine and Battery Customized for owners needs



Saildrive E-Drive 20 kW
Sterndrive E-Drive 155 – 240 kW
Inboard – Shaftdrive Torqeedo Deep Blue 100 kW


Saildrive E-Drive 20 kW
Sterndrive E-Drive 75 – 130 kW
Outboard E-Drive 20 kW
Outboard Torqeedo Deep Blue 55 kW


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