Sialia Yachts expands electric lineup with new 45 Sport

Electric yacht builder Sialia Yachts has introduced their latest model, the Sialia 45 Sport, which joins 59 foot and 80 foot models in the company’s expanded lineup.

Sialia is a Polish yard founded by Stanislav Szadkowski and Tomasz Gackoski. Szadkowski is a long time entrepreneur with 50 years of experience in advanced technology, including 15 as one of the main sponsors of ICPT, (ICPT), Europe’s largest heavy-duty battery system maker for commercial electric vehicles.

Gackoski is an engineer with a background in aerospace and 11 years working in the development of advanced lightweight structures. He has been involved in 30 marine projects, pushing the cutting edge of battery development.

Sialia yachts Sport 45 on the water

Both are avid sailors who started Sialia with the concept of ‘conscious luxury’, building performance electric yachts that go beyond propulsion and include the capability to support land-based electric grids, drawing or giving back energy as needed. They are also the people behind electric drive designer/manufacturer Ampros, who supply the drive train for Sialia.

An electric boat is a whole system

As they say on the Ampros website, “an electric boat is not just a motor and a battery, it is a whole system that integrates software, hardware, digital interfaces, charging, range extension and more.”

Probably the most important piece of hardware on any boat is the hull. It is especially important on an electric boat because a major challenge for high speed planing boats is overcoming friction and water resistance. Reducing those physics restraints reduces the energy required to move the boat through the water and increases the range. Hydrofoiling is one way to reduce the friction, by raising the boat above the water, but another way is to look at the design of an in-water hull.

Sialia Yachts hull showing Petestep design
Underside of Sialia 45 and Petestep hull design

For this, Sialia Yachts turned to Petestep of Sweden, who have developed a technology using stepped V-shaped deflectors under a planing hull. These deflectors reduce the ‘wetted surface’ of the hull – the amount in contact with the water – to reduce friction.

The hull also redirects the water flow that conventional boats spray out to the air on the sides of the boat. By directing that flow down to the water under the boat and towards the stern, more ‘push’ is generated , resulting in up to 35% less energy required to propel the boat. It also makes for a smoother ride because it reduces slamming.

Sialia uses the Petestep design under all its hulls, including the 80 foot (26.6 meter) Siala 80 Explorer, developed in collaboration with innovative Dutch design firm Vripack. The new 45 Sport was designed by Denis Popov Design and developed in response to extensive customer and market research.

Miami to Bahamas at 25 knots

Co-founder Szadkowski says “We recognized a demand in the market for a smaller model that offers an electric experience at an easier entry point.”

“The 45-foot size fits into most marinas, allows for versatility and accessibility, and is manageable for single operators. Our market research showed us there would be significant interest in a sporty, luxurious  electric dayboat capable of traveling from Miami to the Bahamas (about 180 miles / 290 km) at a speed of 25 knots.”

Research also showed that another thing potential owners are looking for is flexibility and customization in both the engineering and design / liveability aspects of a boat.


Propulsion system of Sialia Yachts Sport 49

On the engineering side, there are a number of different drive trains available for the Sport 45. All are twin inboard/outboard systems that range from 150 kW / 200 hp) per motor to 300 kW / 400 hp per motor. Battery packs available are 300 kiloWatt hour, 500 kWh and 700 kWh.

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The Ampros drive train and system integrates the ability to charge at high speeds with up to 350 kW of DC power, while also being compatible with the AC shore power at any marina. Integrated solar panels keep the onboard systems running.

Sialia Yachts customization

There are plenty of design options available for owners to create their own look and feel. It starts with two options for overall layout.

The Sandbar layout is meant for those who love action and activity, with sport seating for 6 and an exterior galley.

Interior of Sialia Yachts Sport 49

The Lounge layout, on the other hand, is designed for relaxation and family enjoyment, providing ample sunbathing space with benches for 8, an enlarged lounger aft, and a full dining table for alfresco dining.

From there owners can select among 3 levels of ‘trim’, Active, Plus and Premium, that outline everything from interior and exterior colours to decking, lighting, kitchen amenities, sound, helm accessories and anchor/safety systems. 

“We’ve optimized design, materials, and drivetrains globally, ensuring uncompromised electric yachting,” explains Szadkowski. “Introducing clear trim levels and a wide range of drivetrain options, supported by an online configurator, enhances transparency and ease for prospective buyers.”

Sialia Sport 45

Length LOA 13.7 m / 45 ft
Width 4.1 m / 13.5 ft
Weight 10,000 kg / 22,000 lbs
Motors 2 X 300 kW / 2 X ≈ 400 hp
Battery Pack 300 kWh (min), 700 kWh (max)
Max Speed 43 kn / 50 mph / 80 kmh
Cruising Speed 20 kn  /  23 mph / 37 kmh
Charging  22 kW AC, 300 kW DC
Passengers 12

Sialia Yachts  AMPROS  Petestep

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