This motor and battery are only 20 lbs – together

People wonder if government warnings are effective in promoting new energy solutions. Well, in this case, absolutely, albeit in a roundabout way.

When Joe Grez of Seattle went to register the family 14’ wooden runabout in 2008 he was told that he had to place a mandatory CO warning sticker in the boat, as required by Washington state regulations because of the gas-powered motor.

Which got Joe to thinking about the warning, and the effect of those fossil fuel fumes on his 3 year old granddaughter (and anyone else who might be in the boat) he got to thinking. And inventing.

And because Joe Grez has a degree in physics, a portfolio of US patents, and a career that has covered the gamut from engineering solar panels to developing a hair colouring system for L’Oreal, what it means is that when Joe Grez gets to thinking he often gets to inventing.

So he converted his boat from running on an ICE engine to running on an E-engine and everyone in the family discovered that the noise-free odour-free rides in the boat were immensely more enjoyable. 

Which got Joe to developing his own electric boat motor, the EP, for Electric Paddle. The first EP motors were sold in 2009 and improvements have been incorporated every day since as battery and motor technology has improved. You can find out more on the »» Electric Paddle website

Easy set up, a well thought out solution

The motor, now called the EP Carry because of its light weight, has a custom brushless motor that provides 220 watts of power integrated with a water-lubricated gear system that requires zero maintenance (now patented, of course!) 

The EP Carry is available in three shaft lengths – Mini, Standard/Short and Long, and is solar-ready with a variety of 24-volt panels. 

In 2018, Joe’s invention received the Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award and was one of Boating Industry Magazine’s Top Products (along with the Hinckley Dasher e-boat).

For any boat owner who is concerned about Co2 emissions and woud like to be ‘part of the solution’, the EP Carry seems ideally suited for dinghy runs to and from a big boat.

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