Torqeedo new products announced for 2021

Powerful new saildrives, TorqLink interface, Travel 603 motor lead Torqeedo new products launch as company comes off record 2020 sales season.

In a digital press conference today, the company unveiled new products and managing directors Dr Ralf Plieninger and Dr Michael Rummel talked about the company’s objectives and opportunities for electric marine propulsion in every area: recreational, commercial, charter fleets and eco-tourism.

50 kW and 100 kW saildrives in cooperation with ZF

Torqeedo new product - Deep Blue motor with ZF saildriveLast year Torqeedo announced an agreement with ZF, the huge e-mobility corporation known in marine applications for its gearing, joystick steering and saildrive systems. The first products coming out of that are powerful 50kW (65HP) and 100 kW (130HP) Torqeedo Deep Blue motors married to the ZF drives. They are designed for sailing speeds up to 30 knots for high-performance sailing and efficient hydrogeneration to charge the BMW technology batteries while under sail.

Torqeedo new product - Traveller 603 electric outboardAt the other end of the power spectrum, the company is introducing a 603 watt motor in its Traveller lineup of electric outboards. The Traveller 1103 is the company’s best seller, and the new smaller motor, is a two horsepower-equivalent that is another option for dinghies and daysailers up to 1 tonne. Like the rest of the Traveller series, it has integrated click-on battery, push-button start, onboard computer with GPS-calculated range and runtime data and fully variable forward and reverse.

The third Torqeedo new product announced is a control system and communications interface called TorqLink, initially developed for Deep Blue and now available for Cruise 10.0 motors. Pleininger described it as “a new interface between the components – the motor, batteries and throttle –  that makes it very easy to set up even a relatively complex electric or hybrid drive system. They all work on the same system, providing information on the same display, and work together seamlessly.”

Torqeedo new products for new boating world

The digital press conference also included presentations from Director of Project Sales Philip Goethe, Tommi Salonen, Director of Retail Sales and VP of Quality Jochen Czabke, with everyone expanding on the theme that electric boats and boating is just beginning.

While it has been a challenging year for everyone, when people came out of the lockdowns in the spring, many were looking to spend more time on the water, and Torqeedo had a record sales year. They see an even brighter future ahead.

Read the story of how Torqeedo started out in a tiny German boathouse

Public knowledge of the effect of emissions on climate change is increasing, along with the desire to do something positive. That bodes well for all electric boating companies, and Torqeedo is in the unique position of being market and awareness leader in the recreational category.

“We are the right company in the right market” said Dr. Rummel. ”We are strengthening our organization internally, and we are further expanding and fostering our global footprint” Dre. Pleininger added that “Vision alone does not make a company successful. Torqeedo has a different approach in that we always provide complete systems for our customers.”

Eco conscious consumers and businesses

The new saildrives open a lot of opportunities for larger yachts like +60′ catamarans, but the company also sees huge potential in public transport, and the increasingly popular idea of eco-charters.

Goethe said “there is the desire of people to be conscious and more environmentally friendly, so for those in a great area with great waterways they can offer the sounds of silence, and no pollution, to their customers”.

In terms of public transport, the constant pressure of fossil fuel costs are considerable, so the upfront price of batteries is less of a barrier and electric passenger boats make medium and long term economic sense. It also applies to other city usage like boat rental or boat sharing.

For a company that started out in a small boathouse in Germany 15 years ago, Torqeedo has come a long way. They celebrated the sale of their 100,000 motor this year, and year over year sales increased from €34M to €45M, with the expectation that electric boats and boating is on its way to a market of $US 8 billion in the next few years.

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