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Plugboats WAVES (Watts, Amps, Volts, Electrons) is an occasional collection of electric boat news and electric boating items that we have written about before and are updating, or items we are going to write about but are waiting for more information / developments – or items that are just tidbits you might find interesting.

So without further ado, here is WAVES #12, with electric boat and boating news about:

  • X Shore CEO announces change in position, role
  • China’s first hydrogen ship completes maiden voyage
  • Marian electric boats opens new Romania production facility
  • Molabo electric boat motors expands in Netherlands, South Africa
  • Cambridge University and Pulling-e Propulsion to enter Monaco Energy Boat Challenge
  • Princeton University team attempting electric boat speed record

X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu now Chief Evangelist Officer

Jenny Keisu, who was appointed CEO of Sweden’s X Shore electric boats in October of 2019 and has been the driving force behind the company’s investment strategy and realizing a state of the art production facility, has announced that her role will be changing to Chief Evangelist Officer, focusing on partnerships and public affairs with the aim of speeding up the green transition within the boating industry.

As she mentions in the announcement on her LinkedIn profile, Jenny has been a passionate advocate for the green transition in all areas. Prior to X Shore she was CEO, Partner, and one of the founding members of venture capital firm Summa Equity,  a venture capital firm specializing in backing companies that advance the UN’s Sustainability Goals.

September 2023: X Shore PRO launches for commercial market

Under her leadership at X Shore it received the top rating, ‘Dark Green’ from independent auditor Cicero Shades of Green AG as one of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world.

Jenny rightly says in her announcement “I am incredibly proud over what we’ve built together over the past 4+ years. Three award-winning models, a state-of-the-art factory and a leading position globally in the space.”

As CEO of X Shore she has been a force to be reckoned with in the electric boat industry and we are sure that she will be an equally powerful influence as she works and liases with governments, partner companies and industries in her new role.

X Shore

China’s first hydrogen fuel cell ship

Hydrogen ferry on China's Yangtze riverThe hydrogen fuel cell power demonstration ship ‘Sanxia Qingzhou 1‘ (Three Gorges Hydrogen Boat No 1) has completed its maiden voyage, a short ceremonial trip on the Yichang section of the Yangtze River in Hubei province. It was then delivered to its operator, China Yangtze Power, a state-owned hydropower company, marking a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the massive country.

It is estimated that the hydrogen powered ship will save 103.16 metric tonnes of fuel oil per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 343.67 tonnes compared with traditional oil-powered ships.

The 49.9 metre (165 ft) catamaran has a steel and aluminum composite structure and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells with rated output power of 500 kilowatts. It can reach a maximum speed of 28 kilometers per hour (18 mph) and can travel about 200 km (125 miles) when sailing at a cruising speed of 20 km/h (12.5 mph). The ship will be responsible for traffic, inspection, emergency and other work in the Three Gorges reservoir area and river section between the Three Gorges and Gezhou Dam.

China’s 712th Institute is the only developer of hydrogen and electric power systems in the country’s shipbuilding industry and was part of the team that designed and manufactured the new vessel’s hydrogen fuel cell equipment.

Liang Zhexing, an engineer at the institute, said the boat’s operation “will provide theoretical and data support for the subsequent promotion of hydrogen fuel-cell vessels in China. It will also provide an important platform for the testing and experimentation of following ships.”

Marian Boats opens Romanian facility

Marian electric boats factoryAfter a year of dedication and hard work, electric boat manufacturer Marian has unveiled its new Romanian production facility. Marian is a family-owned business with Romanian roots that is based on Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg. This expansion will enable the company to double their production capacities for 2024. The building has space for a specialized woodworking department, state-of-the-art metalworking shop and an additional tailoring department to meet demand for its finely detailed boats.

The company says “This milestone signifies not only growth, but also a testament to the unwavering commitment and teamwork that define our family business. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at our factory – we can’t wait to share more with you!

Molabo electric motors expands distributor network

Molabo, the German manufacturer that developed the 48V high performance ISCAD technology and ARIES i50 electric motor, has announced new distributors for the Netherlands/Belgium and South Africa. ASA Boot Electro is the official distributor for Netherlands/Belgium and Southern Power is the company’s new partner in South Africa. 

ASA Boot Electro BV is a trusted name in the marine electrical solutions sector with expertise in providing complete solutions for yacht electrical systems. This make them ideal partners to service the growth of interest in electric propulsion.

ASA Boot Electro owner Twan Bogart (in photo above) said “This collaboration with MOLABO is a testament to our commitment to bringing the best of marine electrical solutions to our customers. We believe in MOLABO’s vision and are excited to be a part of this journey towards a sustainable and efficient boating future.”

In South Africa,  Molabo has announced a strategic partnership with Southern Power, a premier distributor and service provider of marine and mobile solutions products. Their first joint presentation will be at Boatica Cape Town (formerly the Cape Town International Boat Show)  taking place from 27th to 29th October 2023 at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront.

Jacques Brümmer, CEO of Southern Power, said “We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Molabo. Their reputation for innovation and quality aligns perfectly with our values at Southern Power. Together, we look forward to delivering unparalleled solutions and services to our customers in South Africa.”

Molabo ASA Boot Electro Southern Power

Propulsion House Pulling-e, Cambridge University to enter Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Cambridge University electric boat teamAnexciting partnership has been formed between France’s Propulsion House Pulling-e and Cambridge University’s Riviera Racing Team. This collaborative effort will see the development of a zero-emission catamaran racer designed to showcase the viability of hydrogen as a cleaner fuel source for the maritime industry at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge in July 2024.

This project is a unique platform for students to apply their skills in a real-world engineering challenge, supported by Pulling-e’s extensive maritime expertise, knowledge and tailor-made technology.

Read Plugboats reports on the 2023 Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

One of the defining features of Pulling-e’s work is adaptability. Each Pulling-e propulsion unit is custom-tailored to its specific purpose, with propeller type and diameter designed to maximize overall efficiency.

In the case of this project, the additional constraint of a restrictive weight limit has been at the core of the design process. To overcome this, new materials that are lighter than the traditional options have been selected.

Prior to the challenge, extensive and rigorous testing and validation will take place to ensure that the boat is ready. The propulsion system will be delivered well in advance to the team’s workshops in Cambridge, allowing them to conduct real-world testing under various conditions.

The team at Pulling-e will then verify the component delivery through full-scale testing in their workshop. Collaborating on the whole design journey, including testing, will ensure that the design and operation of the boat will reach the levels of performance required for the Challenge.

Propulsion House Pulling-e  Cambridge University Riviera Racing Team 

Princeton University attempting electric boat world speed record

Princeton University electric boatIn other student competition news, Princeton Electric Speedboating (PES) is a team of 44 undergraduate and graduate engineers at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA. They build and race electric boats at competitions worldwide with the mission of  “proving the viability and feasibility of electric boats in a gas-dominated boating/marine industry.” Among their sponsors are electric outboard manufacturer Flux Marine and battery supplier Lithium Werks.

The team has its sights set on breaking the electric boat world speed record. For the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique) record they need to beat the 88.6 mph mark of the Jaguar Vector team set in 2019. For the US record they need to top the 116 mph that the Vision Marine Technologies S2 Powerboat did at the Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout in August.

The attempt is set for October 26 when PES will be hosting the Annual Gold Technologies and Robbins/Margeas Iowa Dental Group Electric Record Event at Lake Townsend Marina, North Carolina. This event is sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and the Princeton boat ‘Big Bird‘ will be making its APBA debut.

Big Bird is a 14 foot, 990 pound (4.3 m, 450 kg) one-person hydroplaning design with 150 kW peak power (200 HP) and 95 kW continuous (130 HP).

The event will be livestreamed on the PES YouTube channel – more information can be found on the PES website (link below.) GOOD LUCK Princeton Electric Speedboating!! 

Princeton Electric Speedboating   Flux Marine  Lithium Werks

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