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a university student is piloting a solar boat with solar panels on the bow



Solar boat races have been happening in the Netherlands since 2004 and keep growing in popularity. The 2019 schedule has events for everyone from primary school students to high school to university and beyond.

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two children out sailing in a solar powered catamaran

This is a great story. Australian high school science teacher Jacob Strickling collects up bits and pieces of appliances and machines his neighbours put out for pickup and builds awesome contraptions with his kids, many centred around renewable energy. Two plastic kayaks, an electric trolling motor and battery from a mobility scooter and…!

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This must be one of the most gorgeous electric boats ever created. Patterned after classic European ’30s  runabouts, Viva Power and Garage Italia combined on this vivacious vessel that received the highest bid at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show Gala for the Global Ocean auction.

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We wrote about TemplarCruiser 26 when it first gained publicity at the beginning of the year. Now the first production models from this Canadian boatbuilder are hitting the waves.

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A 19th century sailing ship with 3 masts

We’ve teamed up with Kevin Desmond, Author of Electric Boats and Ships: A History, to present Plugboats’ own Throwback Thursday feature. Our goal is to connect electric boating stories of the past with electric boating stories of the present – and future. This is the first instalment of many to come. Stay tuned for this Thursday’s!

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Every time we turn around Silent-Yachts is getting more publicity and more recognition. This is just another example of how it is garnering attention worldwide. Wait ’til it goes to the Singapore Boat Show in April!

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