Bosch developing new drive for X Shore 1 electric boat

X Shore electric boats and Bosch Engineering are expanding their relationship with the announcement today of a collaboration to improve the performance and efficiency of the electric drive system of the X Shore 1.

Bosch already supplies the 125kW motor in the X Shore 1, which was launched last February as a price attractive option for people wanting to get into electric boats. The drive train for the ‘1’ also incorporates the inverter and gearbox developed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth.

Beginning of Bosch in marine electrification

This deeper collaboration marks the beginning of Bosch’s journey into electrification in the leisure boat segment. The renowned engineering company says X Shore has been ‘carefully selected as part of the pilot’.

One of the reasons is that both firms have a deep commitment to sustainability and share a common vision to reduce emissions and make the world greener.

X Shore 1 electric boats - cork deck close up

X Shore has been certified as one of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world, with a ‘Dark Green’ rating by independent auditor Shades of Green (part of S&P Global). Beyond zero emission propulsion, the company is dedicated to sustainability in every aspect of the manufacturing of its boats and sourcing of materials.

X shore 1 electric boat shows sustainability goals

That includes things like a cork deck on the X Shore 1 and pre-preg hulls. “Prepreg” is composite material that has been pre-impregnated with a resin system to reduce waste.

The Dark Green rating means X Shore is a company that contributes to climate mitigation as part of helping shape a future low carbon economy. Their Sustainability Strategy includes goals of being the first craft with a net-zero CO2 footprint by 2030 and having a fully traceable battery value chain by 2025

For Bosch’s part, they have scored an ‘A’ from the CDP (Climate Disclosure Project) for the past three years, and their Transparent Reporting policy on sustainability shows their total greenhouse gas emissions and emission intensity have been reduced by 80% since 2018.

As one of the world’s most advanced engineering firms, Bosch has been involved in electric land vehicles for years, producing motors and drive trains for everything from e-bikes to motorcycles to cars to buses to industrial vehicles.

X Shore 1 electric boat drive train- motor and inverter from Bosch

The X Shore 1 electric boat incorporating Bosch’s system was launched in September 2022 specifically to address the large market of boat buyers who are keen on going electric but are looking for a more financially friendly option in the premium e-boat category.

Launch of X Shore 1 for broader electric boat market

At 6.5m / 21 ft, it is a feature rich dayboat with swimming deck and dining area that incorporates a two person cabin below the front deck. It comes in two versions – Open or Top – and three model specs: Utility, Performance and Premium. List price is from € 99,000 to $139,000.

The existing drive train and battery set up gives a top speed of 30 knots, cruising speed of 20 knots and a range of up to 50 nautical miles depending on speed and water/weather conditions.

‘Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible’

With this collaboration to continuously improve the performance of the electric drive train, Bosch is signalling its intention to provide its new marine division with the broad engineering expertise and experience the company offers.

“I am happy that Bosch Engineering is helping to accelerate the sustainable X Shore serial production approach by sharing series production experience and automotive proven high performance components” said Dr. Johannes-Jörg Rüger, President at Bosch Engineering GmbH. “We have found a strong passionate partner that shares our environmental commitment with deep conviction.”

Jenny Keisu, X Shore CEO, “We firmly believe that innovation knows no boundaries and that by joining forces with other innovative companies, both big and small, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible. We are excited to support Bosch Engineering in further strengthening their sustainability mission and together, we will bring a new, cutting-edge electric drive system technology to the new X Shore 1, providing an unparalleled boating experience.”

X Shore  Bosch

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