Brunswick launches Veer – new boat brand for electric propulsion

Today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Brunswick Corporation launched Veer, an all-new boat brand designed to support electric propulsion and appeal to the next generation of boaters.

This is on top of sibling Brunswick company Mercury Marine introducing their first electric outboard at the show today – the Avator 7.5e.

Read about the new Mercury 7.5e electric outboard

The first Veer model to be revealed is the X13, a 13-foot, multi-tool vessel built from rotomolded polyethylene. If you are not sure what rotomolding is, think of those polyethylene kayaks, which are one of the most common boats made with the process. It makes for a very durable boat.

“Recreational boating and fishing are enjoying increasing popularity with younger and more diverse consumers,” said Matt Atilano, Veer Director of Strategy. “We identified a gap in the marketplace and a need to create a more targeted and modern experience for these new boaters, which inspired the design and development of the Veer brand.”

The contemporary looking, low profile Veer line has been crafted by the engineering team at Lund Boats to offer high quality and an affordable, low-maintenance option for new boaters.

The X13 is designed to be powered by the Mercury Avator electric propulsion systems, but of course can also be run with a fossil fuel motor.

Veer boat with standing rod and woman and man fishing


Lund has over 75 years of experience building boats made for fishing, and they have incorporated a number of  fishing-focused features into the X13.

Standard features include:
• Durable rotomolded polyethylene hull with shallow draft to explore unchartered territory
• Galvanized trailer offering easy towing capabilities for cars and small SUVs
• Portable navigation light kit and marine mat
• Additional, optional features include: a shallow-water anchor, a mooring cover, standing bar and Lund’s SportTrak accessories like downriggers.

“Our target consumer is looking for a brand that brings new energy and new thinking to the outdoor experience,” said Atilano. “Through Veer, we look forward to delivering on these desires and on Brunswick’s promise to expand access to the water and democratize boating.”

Starting at US$ 11,995 with standard features, the X13 will be available Spring 2023 for order at

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