Sleek ‘electrojet’ wins Innovation Award

Three images - a Narke electrojet towing a waterskier, a front view of the Narke, a side view of a man on the Narke in water at sunset

Looking like something that flew out of the screen of a Bond movie, the Narke electrojet has just won the Innovation Award in the Boat category at the Budapest Boat Show.

The angular panel design is being called “the Lamborghini of jet-skis” and the “emissions free jet ski that Batman would ride“, but the founders of Narke call it the worlds first electrojet.

The name, or rather names – electrojet and Narke – certainly fit. The electrojet is the current of electrons which shoots around our ionosphere about 100 km above the earth and a Narke is an electric ocean ray that lives in the Indo-Pacific and off the southern coast of Africa.

The angular silhouette of the Narke’s body combines the two ideas, literally cutting a fine figure as it skims above the water. The light weight carbon fibre construction enables a speed of 30 kn (55kmh/34mph).

Four founders from different and complementary backgrounds came together to create the Narke.

The four founders of the Narke electrojet
Narke Founders (L-R): Ákos Réder, György Juhász, Péter Rádi, György Tóthfalussy,
  • György Tóthfalussy is the concept leader, an Envronmental Engineer and lifelong surfer and sailor and competitive bicyclst. (His 4 hour 38 minute ride around Hungary’s Lake Balaton is only 3 minutes shy of the world record.)
  • For the electrojet’s design, György teamed up with Naval Architect Ákos Réder, founder of Como yachts. A visit to their website tells us that a ‘new website and full electric range is coming soon.’
  • Péter Rádi is the team’s Mechanical Engineer and Technical Manager who says his inspiration for working on e-boats is that ‘I love sailing but hate waiting for the wind’.
  • Guiding and overseeing the manufacturing of the Narke is the founder of Como Yachts, György Juhász. He is a second generation shipbuilder and competitive sailor who pioneered with Ákos on those early catamaran designs.

The Narke is obviously the end result of a lot of innovative and pioneering work over many years. Réder and Juhász have been working together since as far back as 2012 when they designed some of the first new-energy recreational boats available, the SolarCat and ElectroCat.

Inside the Narke is also impressive

A cutaway view of the Narke electrojet showing the battery, motor and controls

It’s easy to be distracted by the Narke’s styling, but the workings under the carbon fibre are also impressive. It is driven by a 3 phase asynchronous motor with a top end output of 45 kW (60 hp). Behind it is a 24kWh Li-ion battery meaning it can run for up to an hour and a half on one charge. Recharging takes under 6 hours from a household plug, under 2 using an optional accessory.

There is plenty of power not only to go fast, but also to tow a wakeboard. Whether you are using it as a personal watercraft or giving shrieking kids a thrill, it is safe to say you will turn a lot of heads.

Interested in a Narke? You can now preorder through the website. Pricing is available from the company.

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