Electric Frauscher 747 prototype in new video

Kreisel Electric, one of the world’s most innovative battery companies, has put up a YouTube video of the three founders taking a prototype electric Frauscher 747 out for a spin.

Kreisel’s systems were part of the world speed record for production electric boats – 51.3 kts – set in a SAY29E Runabout Carbon in 2018. The record is being chased by Norway’s Evoy Marine, who are getting extremely close.

The Frauscher Mirage 747 is a luxury yacht/runabout that came on the scene in 2015 to almost universal acclaim for its striking ‘supercar’ design by studio KISKA, Thomas Gerzer and hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer.

To see this stunning boat zipping around with an electric motor and drive train is something to watch especially as it accelerates (about  20 seconds into the video)

One  Austrian company is 5 years old…

This prototype combines the works of  two companies at the forefront of their industries who are helping to shape the future of electric boating and electric mobility in general.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stands in front of an electric HUmmer HIBoth firms are based in Austria. Kreisel was founded in 2014 by the brothers Johann, Markus and Philipp Kreisel who were originally driven by the vision of integrating electric drive into all areas of mobility. As the company progressed they specialized in batteries and charging systems are now recognized as one of the world leaders.

In particular they are noted for the liquid cooling technology in their batteries. For the SAY speed record, a 100kWh Kreisel was used. They’ve also supplied batteries for an electric Porsche Evex 910 and the world’s first electric Hummer H1 vehicle, built for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

…the other is 92 years old

A line up of vintage 1955 Frauscher boatsThe Frauscher boatyard is another Austrian family firm, but was founded not 5 years ago but 92 years ago in 1927 and is still managed by members of the Frauscher family. Along the way the company has designed and built sailing classics as well as introducing their own timeless powerboat designs in the mid 20th century: the Fish, Starfish, Saucer and Dolphin.

They now have a number of models available in both electric and fossil fuel version, all of them beautifully crafted and finished. In July we wrote about the 740 Mirage Air powered by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue system.

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