Fresh off Spider-Man, Frauscher Yachts’ new electric Mirage

Seeing that the Frauscher Shipyards’ Mirage Air 747 is piloted by the hero in the new blockbuster Spider-Man: Far From Home it seems the perfect time for the company to launch its 740 Mirage Air electric yacht, with the same incomparable styling and elan (and from the same designers) – but all electric and powered by the Torqeedo Deep Blue 100i  and BMWi batteries.

Pioneers in electric boats and luxury yachts

Frauscher has been building some of the world’s most luxurious yachts since 1927 and has a long history in electric boats. Founder Engelbert Frauscher built the company’s first wooden electric boat in 1955 and introduced an electric hire craft – the Monte Carlo – in the early 1970s that went on to sell more than 2,000 units.

6 wooden electric boats from 1955 in a black and white photograph from the time

Their current electric models include the 610 San Remo and 650 Alessio, but the closed bow 7.47m / 24.5ft Mirage 740 and open bow Mirage Air are the creme de la creme not only of the Frauscher line, but of luxury electric yachts in general. It was designed by Frauscher’s in-house development director Thomas Gerzer and the Austrian design team of KISKA who have won numerous international awards together, including the Nautic Design Award 2014 for the original Mirage 740 (which, to be clear, is the fossil fuel model in the Spider-Man movie.)

Some of the touches in the 740 Mirage electric as described on their website:

Starting from the generous bathing platform at the stern, guests can reach the main cockpit area through the gangway without walking over the cushions. The main cockpit area features an L-shaped bench with two foldable backrests. The co-driver’s backrest can be folded to create a sheltered chaise longue and by flipping down the main backrest the sunbed can be enlarged as well. 

Stefan Frauscher, grandson of Engelbert and currently Co-CEO of the shipyard (along with his brother Michael and sister Andrea) said “We see ourselves as “Engineers of Emotions”. Our goal is to create emotions, to make something special for our customers and the design is an outstanding part of that.” Brother Michael added “Our designs are highly distinctive. They make a statement.”

Torqeedo Deep Blue 100i matched with BMWi3 lithium-ion batteries

As for performance, hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer worked with Frauscher and with Torqeedo to make sure everything was optimized for the Deep Blue 100i.

a bank of batteries in the stern of the electric Frauscher Mirage boatThe Deep Blue 100i 2400 is specifically designed and constructed to power planing motorboats, with up to 2,400 rpm and incredible torque delivered at low rpm.

The boat can reach a speed just shy of 50 kmh /30mph with a range at that speed of 33km. But the owner (and passengers!) can also enjoy the boat’s amenities for more than 10 hours when silently cruising at 10 kmh / 6mph.

The batteries use the latest automotive-grade lithium-ion technology from the famed motor works of BMW (i3 type) with industry-leading energy density and a comprehensive safety system.

The first glimpse of the Frauscher was at the Torqeedo Electric Days on Lake Starnberg earlier this year (there were also electric boats from Rand, Litore, deisgnboats and others). Torqeedo CEO Dr. Christoph Ballin said “With this fully integrated electric drive system and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Frauscher Shipyard, the Mirage 740 Air will attract the eye of discerning owners worldwide.”

BTW, here is a preview of Spider-Man: Far From Home – but you have to have a pretty keen eye to catch the Frauscher boat. It’s on screen for a few seconds at 1:15

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