Torqeedo Electric Days show off 1-100kW power

Fourteen electric and hybrid boats from eleven manufacturers were shown off to international guests by Torqeedo co-founder and CEO Christopher Ballin at Torqeedo’s Electric Days on Germany’s Lake Starnberg May 3.

Electric motors displayed ranged from the company’s newly revamped Travel 1103 to the brand new Deep Blue 100, which will power the 740 Mirage Air from luxury yacht builder Frauscher (shown above). Guests were given a sneak preview of the motor and the breathtaking yacht.

Incorporating two 40 kWh lithium batteries with technology by BMW, the Deep Blue 2,400 rpm electric drive system has been specifically designed for fast planing motorboats like the Mirage.

Other boats and manufacturers on display:

  • Two electric speedboats by Designboats: the Tender 06 and Tender 08
  • 7EVEN and 45ER National Cruiser by Glas Boatworks
  • VSR RIB – a coach boat for sailing clubs powered by a Cruise 10.0 custom-tailored
  • ZenPro 580 RIB by NaviWatt – the world’s first electrified workboat  – with a Deep Blue outboard
  • Rand Picnic with Cruise 10, a popular rental boat because of its enjoyable, easy-to-drive platform
  • Litore One, a just-launched small catamaran with four built-in sunbeds and a wine chiller (silently powered by the 1103 so as not to disturb the relaxation)
  • 5-metre Lario 580
  • In addition to the Glas 45, there were two other sailboats powered by Cruise fixed-pod motors: the new Bente 24 – a crowdsourced and crowdfunded startup brand and the Domani S30, recently nominated as European Yacht of the Year

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Guests also toured Torqeedo’s Nimbus 365, the test platform for the company’s high-tech Deep Blue Hybrid system, which drastically reduces generator runtime by collecting energy from the wind and sun and  storing it in high-capacity lithium batteries not only for propulsion but also for onboard cooking,  air conditioning and water making.

Lake Starnberg is a pristine Alpine lake just outside of Munich where licenses for fossil fuel boats are restricted  to help assure the purity of the lake as a supply of drinking water. Those license restrictions were instrumental in the birth of Torqeedo (the whole story is in this Throwback Thursday from a couple of weeks ago), so it is the natural place for the company’s Electric Days.

The event welcomed guests from around the world who were treated to first class hospitality. Among other nice touches, a fleet of BMW i3 electric cars with drivers were available to transport guests to and from the lake and a generous Frauscher owner welcomed guests aboard his 650 Alassio with Deep Blue 50i so they could witness first hand some of onwater joy of electric boating.

Photo: Frauscher Boats
Gallery Photos: From indicated boat manufacturers 

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