Forza adds electric monohull to expanding e-boat lineup

Forza, the Twin Vee spinoff that announced their first electric boat – the Forza X1 – last autumn, has successfully sea-trialed a 22 foot electric monohull. It is being added to the company’s growing line of all-electric boats, joining the FX1 center console,  FX1 dual console, and Forza deck boat.

“We want to offer a variety of boat types and styles that appeal to a broad consumer base no matter where people do their boating.” said Joseph Visconti, Executive Chairman and Chief of Product Development for Forza X1, Inc. “While we initially announced two models when Forza went public last summer, new products strengthen our mission to encourage marine electrification and the adoption of sustainable boating.” 

Electric monohull designed for lower price point

The overall goal in developing the monohull was to offer an electric boat at a lower price point than the Forza double-hulled FX1 models. To that end, the new electric monohull is planned to house a single battery, while the FX1 models have twin battery packs.

Forza X1 centre console electric boat
Forza X1 centre console double hull electric boat

Visconti says there is additional testing that needs to be completed before the design of the 22-foot monohull is finalized, but the inclusion of a single battery would considerably reduce the price point.

The Proliance T350-50 battery pack is modular and can be scaled in series or in parallel. It features a highly efficient, liquid cooled thermal management system and also allows for advanced monitoring and diagnostic reporting.

State-of-the art production facility

One of the things Forza engineers have focused on for the new electric monohull is miniaturizing electrical boxes and components to save space. Having fewer and smaller components to install and configure would also help reduce costs.

The company says a second 22-foot electric monohull boat is nearing completion and is scheduled for water testing in the next couple of weeks. After reviewing the test data, Forza plans to build lightweight versions to examine the potential for improved battery life and increased run times.

Forza electric monohull will be built in this NC factory

Last August Forza announced that it had signed a development contract with Osmosis Telematics, which provides turn-key telematics solutions to the marine industry. The platform will enable Forza to perform remote diagnostics for service, run over-the-air software updates and receive feedback for product enhancements. It also connects users to their boats through mobile and web applications over a cellular connection.

With four electric boats now in the lineup, Forza XI is developing a brand-new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in McDowell County, North Carolina to meet anticipated demand. The 100,000 square foot facility is designed to incorporate closed-molded composite boat building technologies and electric engine assembly processes

“Our mission at Forza is to inspire the adoption of sustainable recreational boating by producing stylish electric sport boats” said Visconti. “We are looking to make our 22-foot electric monohull the ideal choice for more budget-conscious purchasers who want to enjoy a more serene time on the water and also promote environmental sustainability.”

Forza X1


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