Stunning Tridente electric powerboat: design by Maserati, power by Vita

Legendary automaker Maserati has teamed up with the engineers at Vita Power to create the sleek ‘Tridente’ electric powerboat, with 440 kiloWatts (600 hp) of power and cruising speed of 25 knots.

The Tridente was unveiled at Maserati’s Folgore Day (folgore means ‘lightning’ in Italian), where the luxury car company also launched three new EVs – the GranTurismo Folgore, Grecale Folgore SUV, open-top GranCabrio Folgore – and announced that “By 2025, all Maserati models will be available in a full-electric version, and the entire Maserati range will run on electricity alone by 2028.”

Tridente electric powerboat named after logo

The Tridente electric powerboat is named after the Maserati logo – the three-pronged spear of Roman god Neptune that was sketched by one of the company’s five founding Maserati brothers in 1926. The boat is designed by Maserati, powered by Vita, and being built by Hodgdon Yachts, the oldest shipyard in the United States.

Hodgdon has been building custom sail and power vessels in Maine since 1816. They began working with Vita in 2020 when sister company Hodgdon Tenders announced a line of Venice-inspired electric tenders by Michael Peters Yacht Design that are powered by Vita drive trains.

Tridente electric powerboat cutaway drawing showing motors and batteries

Hodgdon constructs the 10.5 meter (34 ft)  Tridente of lightweight carbon fibre, crucial for maximizing the capabilities of the electric drive. Built for lake and coastal day cruising, its twin 220 kW (300 hp) electric motors are fed by a battery capacity of 252 kWh to deliver a top speed of 40 knots/46 mph/74kmh, cruising speed of 25 kts/29 mph/45 kmh, and recharging in under one hour.

The cockpit of the Tridente can be configured for dining or acceleration and there is seating throughout for 8 passengers and room to relax on a sundeck alongside a bathing area with a shower and ladder for swimming. An enclosed cabin forward includes a day berth and WC.

Tridente electric powerboat cockpit

In addition to the Maserati and the Hodgdon electric tenders, Vita has two all-electric RIB models and is partnering with other companies for custom projects. 

Vita electric workboats and other projects

Their 7 metre (23 ft) Seal model is designed to be an everyday, utilitarian RIB for both commercial and recreational use, while the smaller SeaDog at 5.8m (19 ft) is designed specifically for the commercial market and especially as a workboat for marinas and ports.

The Seal has a top speed of over 30 kts/35 mph/55 kmh and cruising speed of 20 kts/23 mph/37 kmh. The SeaDog offers up to 10 hours of continuous use at the reduced speeds typical of port activity.

Vita SeaDog electric RIB
Vita SeaDog, designed for work in marinas, harbours and ports

Late in 2023 Vita announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with SAFE Boats International (SBI) to bring electrification to the US patrol boat market. Together, the companies are adapting one of SAFE Boats’ most proven hull designs – the 23’ Center Console – to be propelled by an electric motor and battery package similar to one of the twin units in the Tridente.

The patrol vessel – dubbed the 223e – is designed to address the increasing number of state regulations clamping down on emissions in the marine sector. The concept provides a zero-emission solution for operators who are working long hours at lower speeds. 
Performance calculations predict the 223e will maintain an operational battery life of 10 hours at 5 knots/6 mph/9kmh . It is also capable of a 34 knot/39 mph/63 kmh sprint speed. 

Vita SAFE Boats electric patrol vessel
Vita Power / SAFE Boat 223e electric patrol vessel

Vita’s sister company is Aqua superPower, who are building out an international network of high speed marine charging stations. That gives the powertrain division a big leg up in charging knowledge and optimization. The Seal and e223 can both charge within one hour and the SeaDog in half that time.

Those speeds are critical for workboats, and all-electric drive trains also offer big cost savings for commercial operators. Compared to an outboard-powered engine, the Vita-powered vessels can save thousands in annual fuel and maintenance costs.

Maserati X Vita one of many collaborations

The broad range of Vita powered vessels is one of the best indications that the description ‘electric boat’ doesn’t imply the same thing it did only a few years ago. One of the reasons is the collaboration between manufacturers and designers in different sectors not just within the boating industry, but in electric vehicles and other categories.

As both Maserati and Vita say about the Tridente, the companies “share the same vision for the mobility of the future and passion for luxury creations that allow no compromises on performance and elegance.”

A similar partnership between Porsche and Frauscher boats resulted in the eFantom 850 Air, launched last October. Candela is working with fellow Swedish company Polestar and GM has a 25% stake in Pure Watercraft. As sales of electric boats grow in the years ahead, there are bound to be even more collaborations and partnerships, which, as the Tridente shows, will be for the benefit of all.

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