New high performance electric RIB has 50 knot top speed

eD-TEC, the electric boat company founded by a former Chief Strategy Officer at VW Group, has unveiled a new high performance electric RIB – named the eD 32 c-ultra RIB – that boasts 400kW peak power (≈ 540 hp) and can hit speeds up to 50 knots (90 kmh / 58 mph).

eD-TEC was founded by Michael Jost in 2021 after he left VW Group, where he was responsible for leading the company’s ‘transformation towards a sustainable and digital future’. The vision of eD-TEC is simple: ‘Electrify the Ocean’ and it builds both electric motors and electric boats to help achieve that.

The first e-boat it worked on was a 4m (13.5 ft) tender for Silent-Yachts, in 2022. The eD-QDrive 1 electric drive system it developed for that boat powers the new c-ultra RIB. 

Twin 200kW drives

The new high performance electric RIB has twin 200 kW motors incorporated into the company’s eD Technology Stack platform which incorporates an AI BOX and SW Package. In non-geek speak, that means the backbone computer system that manages all operations and enables over-the-air diagnosis and updates.Diagram of high performance electric RIB drive train system

The drive units themselves are sealed and contain the motors, gearing and surface-piercing propellers. They are connected to more than 100kWh of batteries in eD-TEC’s slimline battery pack form, which allows for a range of up to 30 nautical miles on a single charge.

The c-ultra has both standard 22kW AC charging and 150kW DC-DC fast charging, which can take the batteries to 80 percent charge in about 40 minutes.

Designed by team of ‘Believers’

In creating the boat, Jost has built a team of ‘Believers’ that includes renowned German boatbuilder Sven Akermann, who started designing and building special lightweight high performance carbon boats in 2007.

The 9.5 meter (32 ft) eD 32 c-ultra is based on a proven Akermann design that has been modified in the aft section by taking out the original design 200 hp fossil fuel outboards and incorporating the eD-TEC drive and battery pack.

“We were first in touch with Sven around a year ago because he was interested in what eD-TEC was doing and he supported us, so it was a natural extension to work together and to welcome him onto the eD-TEC Believer Team,” enthuses Jost “There aren’t many boatbuilders who can not only build in full carbon but who can also do it to a very rapid development timescale.”

Getting rid of the outboards means more space on the boat for amenities like a large, dedicated sunpad and huge swimming platform. The area can also be repurposed to cater to a client’s specific desires. There is a large storage compartment forward and a hardtop offering shade and protection from the elements over the helm.

Jost says “This first version is targeted specifically at the superyacht and leisure markets,” where flexibility of design is key. The fast charging capabilities are also attractive to superyacht owners looking at electric tenders.

High performance electric RIB as superyacht tender

Customization options include alternative colours, adding a modular sunpad with two additional forward-facing seats, adding a head and a shower, a forward console seat and table plus 36-litre fridge, Ullmann seating, radar, sonar, autopilot, an entertainment system, and solar panels on the hardtop.

The central helm console has two seats and a full glass bridge, wired steering and throttle controls, Axiom 15.6-inch MFD (multi-function display) for navigation, a second screen for systems monitoring, and a wired MOB (man overboard) system.On the operating side, owners can specify a performance prop set, and a jet thruster system for improved low-speed manoeuvrability. Jost says “the hull is foil-ready, and clients can select a foil-assist system as an option which adds more range and also further aids seakeeping.”

eD-TEC is also currently developing a higher capacity battery pack which will allow up to 140kWh of batteries for even greater range and operating time, which should be available in the second half of 2024.

“High-performance electric boats are still considered something of a niche,” continues Jost, “but we believe the eD 32 c-ultra is perfect for superyachts, and for clients with lakeside or shoreside villas who want the ultimate, clean runabout at the end of their pier. It is going to be a game-changer both for us and for the boating market.”

eD-TEC  Sven Ackerman

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