Genevos fuel cells to power MadBlue Marine electric dayboat

Spain’s MadBlue Marine has chosen Genevos fuel cells to complete the zero emission energy system of an 8 metre (26 foot) hydrogen-electric dayboat it has been developing since 2022.

The boat is fitted with a 140 kW electric motor and high-voltage batteries. The hydrogen fuel cell supplies electricity to the battery and compressed hydrogen tanks feed the hydrogen fuel cells.

Why fuel cells AND a battery if they both output electricity? The difference is the reaction time to provide that electricity. A boat sometimes has immediate needs for more speed – meaning more electricity – to get on plane or for other reasons. Batteries can immediately adjust to those changing load requirements, whereas a fuel cell provides electricity at a set rate (with some minor variations.)

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Genevos has a range of hydrogen power packs with different power ratings: 15 kW, 40kW and 80kW. For MadMarine it will be delivering its HPM 40 (Hydrogen Power Module).

Cutaway of boat showing fuel cells and hydrogen tanks

The compact, low weight HPM-40 is a drop-in unit. Genevos will also provide the engineering services incorporating hydrogen storage and supply, tailored commissioning, installation, and design engineering, including gas management and FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) safety verification.

Addressing the complete hydrogen infracstructure

MadBlueMarine is a specialist engineering consortium that aims to decarbonize the boat industry using green hydrogen. The elements that need to be addressed to achieve that goal are not limited to boats themselves but also involve sourcing the hydrogen and providing technologies and mechanics to transport it, store it and refuel the vessels.

The company is led by experts in international renewable energy projects, startup networking and naval design and engineering. They say that through existing partnerships and shareholders, they bring all the engineering expertise for green hydrogen infrastructure and production of boats under one umbrella.

Genevos fuel cells stacked to increase power output

The goal is to use the hydrogen electric dayboat as a demonstrator project ahead of series production for similar vessels up to 12 metres in length. Following launch in December this year, the prototype will complete extensive sea trials prior to exposition at key maritime events along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Middle East. Pre-orders of the series boat will be made available this December with delivery provisioned for Q3 2024.

Genevos fuel cells a modular solution

This fits in well with the Genevos strategy of developing a practical plug-and-play solution to decarbonize small-scale vessels – recreational boats, coastal fishing vessels and passenger boats like water taxis and ferries.

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The modular system means HPMs can be installed on deck, below deck or in an engine room and easily enable redundancy / backup systems. They can be stacked and linked for higher power output and integrated with a hybrid or full-hydrogen energy system.

“Decarbonizing the maritime sector in accordance with climate change targets requires collaboration and immediate action” said Rebecca Sharp, Co-Founder and CEO of Genevos. “Supporting MadBlue Marine in their wholistic approach to achieving hydrogen boating aligns with the Genevos values and mission to enable clean and resilient mobility on our oceans. We are proud to be a part of MadBlue Marine actions in reducing the negative impact of boating on the ocean.”

On the MadBleu Marine side, Co-Founder & CEO Robin Imaz said “Working closely with Genevos has enabled us to accelerate our mission to revolutionize green hydrogen boating. Together our expertise has combined to give birth to a high-performance and environmentally friendly hydrogen-electric vessel powered by renewables.”

Genevos MadBlue Marine

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