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Plugboats WAVES (Watts, Amps, Volts, Electrons) is an occasional collection of electric boat news and electric boating items that we have written about before and are updating, or items we are going to write about but are waiting for more information / developments – or items that are just tidbits you might find interesting.

So without further ado, here is WAVES #12, with electric boat and boating news about:

  • Molabo to unveil new outboard at METSTRADE
  • Electric boats at Abu Dhabi International Boat Show
  • Spain now has a national electric boat association
  • Frauscher introducing smartphone app
  • E1 Race Series names worldwide broadcast production partner
  • Electrics and Hybrids up for DAME, European Powerboat Awards

Molabo to unveil new outboard at METSTRADE

Molabo, the German company that developed the ISCAD 48V motor at the heart of their ARIES i50 inboard system, has announced that it is launching an outboard configuration of the safe-to-touch motor technology – the ARIES R50. 

The motor was designed in conjunction with renowned Hamburg-based marine design studio iYacht, who have given it a sleek design available in two colours and two shaft lengths.

First conceived of and developed by students at Munich’s University of Federal Defense, the ARIES R50 brings their patented ISCAD technology – Intelligent Stator CAge Drive – to an outboard that can be easily attached to any boat transom. The unique rod-based stator allows the ARIES R50 to deliver an impressive 50 kW at a touch-safe 48 volts.

One of the main advantages is that the 48V system simplifies installation and maintenance, eliminating the need for high-voltage safety measures or training. The ARIES R50 plug & play system simplifies installation even more.

The outboard has also been nominated for a prestigious DAME Award (Design Award METSTRADE) in the category ‘Propulsion & Dynamics’. See the bottom of this page for other nominees.


Electric boats shine at Abu Dhabi International Boat Show’s Innovation zone.

In line with the Year of Sustainability, the Abu Dhabi Boat Snow (ADIBS) is hosting a CleanTech “Innovation Zone” that will showcase a number of electric boat and motor manufacturers, builders and developers. The show is on November 9-12.

The eboat exhibitors include everything from electric jet-powered RIBS and dinghies to hydrofoiling speedboats to efoiling boards to an electric boat/plane that can carry passengers in hull mode, hydrofoiling mode or full flight mode.

  • ZeroJet will be showcasing their electric jet propulsion systems for small boats with a plug and play system that is easy and fast for boat builders to install and gives boaties a quiet but exhilarating ride on the water.
  • Aerofoils is the German manufacturer of the Audi e-tron eFoil, created using expertise in aircraft design to build what the company says is “the most advanced and safest e-foil on the market.”
  • Ripple Boats is building a 10 meter yacht that is 100% electric.
  • Navier is America’s first and the longest range fully electric hydrofoiling boat (75+ nautical miles) that can recharge in an hour.
  • The Icon electric boat, from TYDE and BMW Designworks, is being shown in Abu Dhabi by The Silent Power, TYDE’s official agents for the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperative Council: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.)
  • Voltaic is building its flagship AEW24 model, an electric boat with a 350+ kiloWatt motor and 200 kWh battery to deliver exceptional all-day performance.
  • Finnish startup Elvene is developing two solar-electric boat models: the 4.7m Greta with solar panels on the bowdeck and the 6.2m Amber with solar panel-covered roof.
  • The UK’s RAD Propulsion will be showcasing their RAD 40, with a large drive, rotating lower leg (lower unit) and intuitive operating features.
  • Evoy will be in Abu Dhabi with their high power electric motor systems.

Regent is the company that is developing zero-emission Seagliders that can traverse the sea in one of three modes: hull, hydrofoil, or flight. The idea is to revolutionize coastal travel with high speed 180 mph (290 kph) zero-emission ultra-low-altitude travel for routes of up to 180 miles (290 km).

Aerofoils Elvene Evoy Navier RAD Propulsion Regent Ripple Boats The Silent Power TYDE Voltaic

Spain now has a national electric boat association

A new electric boat association has been formed in Spain – ANBE, the National Association of Electric Boats. The association was announced at the Barcelona International Boat Show with ANBE President Gonzalo Coterillo explaining the association’s strategic objectives, focussing on the knowledge necessary in terms of developing new boats and retrofitting existing vessels.

ANBE’s director Marilena Estarellas outlined the training courses, and ANBE Vice President Carlos Martínez, detailed what electric and hybrid solutions exist for new ships, both in propulsion and the management of domestic energy on board.

Adrià Fradera, the person in charge of the training commission, is a second vice president of the ANBE, a professor at the Nautical Faculty in Barcelona, and a member of the board of Spanish marine trade association ANEN (National Association of Nautical Companies.)

The Associations’s website says “The ANBE aims to become a completely transparent, open and transversal association to defend the interests of our sector and promote the use of electric boats , as well as inform society as a whole about the benefits of electric navigation.

Whether you are a company , individual or association and you are related or interested in electric and hybrid boats , we invite you to be part of the association and help with your experience to define the lines of action of the ANBE.”

Congratulations, welcome aboard and good luck!

ANBE Website

Frauscher’s new smartphone app

Frauscher has worked with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider and mobility solutions expert c.technology to build a smartphone app to connect boats at factories and empower intelligent vessels with a comprehensive software ecosystem. All new Frauscher boats will be equipped with the App from delivery in spring 2024. Existing Frauscher boat owners can retrofit their Frauschers to enjoy all the app’s functionalities.

Frauscher boat owners will be able to use the app (available for iOS and Android) to access a wide range of data such as location, logbook, the fill level of the battery (for electric and fossil fuel boats), and many others. 

c.technology says the system has been designed to benefit Frauscher as an OEM, as well as Frauscher partners and customers by offering innovative services and functionalities that enhance the boating experience.

“The union of Frauscher’s exceptional boat craftsmanship and c.technology’s trailblazing cloud solutions heralds a new chapter in the world of intelligent boating: customers will enjoy incredible benefits with the innovative Frauscher App as early as spring 2024 – and this is just the beginning,” said Florian Helmberger, director sales and marketing at Frauscher shipyard.


E1 Race Series names Aurora Media Worldwide as broadcast production partner

Aurora Media Worldwide has been appointed the broadcast production partner for the UIM E1 World Championship, the world’s first all-electric raceboat series. The competition begins in Jeddah in early 2024.

Aurora will provide live racing action, highlights programming and a variety of behind-the-scenes content as the championship kicks off in Jeddah in early 2024

The series has been established to create a new, competitive on-water racing proposition which uses the power of sport for the purpose of advancing clean aquatic mobility. Up to ten teams will compete in the inaugural season, using identical RaceBird boats, with regulations being opened up in future seasons to allow teams and manufacturers to develop their own electric technologies.

Owners of UIM E1 World Championship teams include former NFL quaterback Tom Brady, tennis legend Rafael Nadal, Ivorian former professional footballer Didier Drogba, American DJ and music producer Steve Aoki, Formula 1 driver Sergio “Checo” Perez, and Indian international cricketer Virat Kohli. 

Lawrence Duffy, Aurora managing director, said: “This is a brilliant, global project. The show features cutting-edge foiling raceboats, mixed gender pilots from different. extreme sports backgrounds, going head-to-head in a quick, dynamic format. As you might expect, the creative armoury includes data feeds, AR and VR, drones, agile and on-board cameras to create the E1 signature.”

Rodi Basso, CEO of the UIM E1 World Championship, added: “We are proud to be partnering with Aurora. In addition to the ground-breaking coverage I know they will provide for the events, we also aim to take viewers on a journey that inspires us to more closely consider the effect of our actions on our lakes, waterways, coastlines and oceans, and our broadcast content will play a critical role in achieving this goal.”

E1 Series

Electrics and Hybrids up for DAME, European Powerboat Awards

Electric boats are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the European Power Boat Awards, and are becoming a major part of METSTRADE and the industry convention’s DAMA Awards.

In the Power Boat of the Year awards, the Greenline 58 Fly has been nominated in the Long Range category, a tribute to the talents of the entire Greenline team but in particular designer, Marco Casali of Too-Design and naval architect Amedeo Migali from MICAD. The Awards have also started an Electric Category, with 5 boats vying for the top honours: the Capoforte SQ 240 I, Edorado 8S, EB EINS by Kaebon, and the X shore 1.

In the DAME Awards, Molabo is nominated as noted above, along with the Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 launched this year in the same category: Propulsion & Dynamics. This will be quite the category, because other nominees include the ZJ Gen2 Electric Jet Propulsion System from ZeroJet, Temo 1000 electric outboard, Fin5 propellerless finned electric motor from FinX, ePropulsion X20 electric outboard and the as-yet-unveiled Torqeedo Travel XP. In the electronic & electrical systems category Denmark’s EPTechnologies is nominated for their EPT HSS Solid State Battery. METSTRADE takes place November 15-19 with the DAME Awards being announced on November 15.

European Powerboat Award Greenline Capoforte Kaebon X Shore

DAME Design Awards ePropulsion EPTechnologies FinX Molabo  Oceanvolt Temo Torqeedo ZeroJet

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