Check out this AirBnB for electric boats

The We Are On A Boat service has hundreds of listings of electric boats for rent (and some for sale) in dozens of places, from Europe to North America to Singapore.

From two people on the electrified classic runabout ‘Anne Bonney’ to 40 people on the luxurious Silent Yachts solar catamaran, to a solar house boat in England, the site ‘covers the waterfront.’

WAOAB was started as a boat sharing app in 2013 by Tiago Varandas as a way “to match people who would like to be on a boat with people who were willing to share their boat.”

a listing from the site showing a picture of the boat, information and payment optionsBeing based in Amsterdam, one of the immediate goals was to help with the city’s carbon reduction efforts by focussing on the growing fleet of electric boats rented by tourists and locals.

While there is still an app available, WAOAB has broadened its popularity by having all the rentals listed on a regular public website, and the service has grown to provide access to e-boats literally all over the world.

A recent look at the home page showed plenty of rentals in Amsterdam (they are, after all, the #1 tourist attraction in the city) but also in Spain, Portugal, Canada, the US, Prague, Singapore, St. Petersburg Russia, Malmo Sweden…you get the idea.

Research to renting is all done on the WAOAB site

The process couldn’t be simpler. The home page lists all of the boats and packages available, there is a menu for filtering the results, click on the listing to find out more and then book it through We Are On A Boat without ever leaving the site. There is also a contact button for each rental if you have any questions.

As Varandas says “What if Airbnb only accepted homes with clean energy providers, eco-friendly experiences, what if Uber & Lyft only accepted electric cars. That’s the world we envisage.”

For our money, We Are On A Boat is the perfect example of how today’s technology can provide real world benefits. As the adoption of electric and other clean energy boats increases, the listings will only grow and help people discover great boating and general travel experiences while also protecting the precious waters we all share.

Find out why we’re so excited on the We Are On A Boat website

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