Solar yacht is finalist in OCEAN Awards

The OCEAN Awards is a joint program from super/megayacht magazine BOAT International and the Blue Marine Foundation, a UK conservation charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.

The awards are in their fourth year, and recognize excellence in five categories:

  • The Local Hero Award
  • The Science Award
  • The Innovation Award
  • The Visionary Award
  • The Public Awareness Award

This year, for the first time, an electric boat has been nominated. Austria’s Silent Yacht 64 (in which you can purchase a timeshare,) has made the short list for The Innovation Award.

From BOAT International:

This award recognizes the individual, company or group that have this year publicly introduced innovative measures for reducing stress on the oceans or for improving ocean health; such measures might include business operations which are not undertaken at the expense of the marine environment or development of promising new technologies that benefit of the marine environment.

Criteria: Nominees for this award must have undertaken activities or commitments to significantly develop or implement products, services, processes, or measures that have – or are likely to have – a positive impact on the health of the marine environment.
Silent Yachts is cited as qualifying by virtue of The electric or hybrid engines and the bank batteries allowing reduced fuel and gas consumption to power the vessel cruise or its household requirements; the range is increased while costs and emissions are reduced.

2 images - a plastic soda bottle on the left and the black dockline it is made into on thr right
Marlow Ropes is nominated for dockline made of recycled bottles

Awards recognize dozens of ocean health contributors

Other Finalists under consideration for the Innovation Ward are:

  • Alliance for the Conservation of Biodiversity, Culture and Territory
  • OCTO (Open Communications for the Ocean)
  • Marlow Ropes for The Blue Ocean Dockline
  • Dr Anne Kapuchinski for aquaculture micro-algae feed

There are some fascinating programs underway all over the world in each the categories in the OCEAN Awards. As BOAT points out,

The sea provides humankind with incalculable pleasure, whether swimming in it, looking at it or being on it. Yet the oceans are now under serious threat from irresponsible human activity, such as overfishing, coastal pollution and climate change. Luckily this crisis presents the largest solvable environmental problem on the planet and with decisive action studies show that it is reversible within 20 years.

The winners of the 2019 OCEAN Awards will be announced in June. Read about the awards and all the finalists in all categories at »» BOAT International, and the efforts of »» the Blue Marine Foundation.

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