Weekly Round-up February 17-24

Coming out of the Miami Boat Show last week everyone was talking about the electric hydrofoil SeaBubbles, which made its North American debut there. At the Buda[pest Boat Show a few days later the stunning Narke electrojet made its own news, and our feature on Scott Masterson’s Bayliner ICE-to-electric conversion was the most popular read of the past 7 days.

Here’s a brief summary of the articles in Plugboats last week and a link to the full post for each. Enjoy!

Jeff Butler,
Editor, Plugboats.com

A gull wing electric hydrofoil water taxi speeding along the Miami waterfront

The amazing SeaBubbles flying water taxi gets its 1st US customer

SeBubbles was developed by Alain Thébault, who also created the world’s first multi-hulled hydrofoil, which set the world sailing speed record in 2009. His dream of an all electric ‘flying’ boat started out as a water taxi service in Paris, but when that ran into administrative problems, he and his team decided to sell the vessels on an individual basis. They brought it to Miami in hopes of showing it off to prospective buyers, and it has taken the world by storm.»» Read the whole story

A Bayliner boat with family speeding along a lake with insets of photos of electric motor elements

An electric Inboard-Outboard conversion that goes 35 knots……..silently

Scott Masterson of Houston got fed up with continually fixing the gas motor on the old pontoon boat he and his wife bought to enjoy life on the lake, and decided there must be a better solution. He converted the 2-stroke to electric, then decided to electrify a Bayliner 17.5 foot inboard/outboard. Read how he converted the boat and started his Stealth Electric Outboards, delivering 40HP electric motors to customers as far away as Sweden. »» Read the whole story

A fery boat with solar panels on top crossing a river

This solar ferry in India runs on $2.60 a day

Two years NavAlt Electric and Solar boats was hired by the municipal government in Kochi, India, to build a solar commuter to service a 2.5 km inland waterway route. The results are in – it saves the city an incredible amount of money – and now the Indian government is looking at incentivizing more solar marine transportation. »» Read the whole story

A very sleek low silhouette electric jetski

Sleek ‘electrojet’ wins Innovation Award

The Narke electrojet is named after the stream of electrons that whirls around our ionosphere and an electric ray that prowls the depths of the Pacific  ocean. Having been referred to as ‘the Lamborghini of jetskis, and “the jetski Batman would ride”, it has now won special innovation honours at the Budapest Boat Show. Check out this stunning looking piece of design on plugboats. »» Read the whole story

A man stands in s 20' boot with a solar panel on top

Solar sewage pump out boat has only 1 tank to fill 🙂

Another story about how solar energy is providing solutions for all kinds of situations. This one concerns the town of Branford, Connecticut, which has a vibrant shellfishing industry (both commercial and recreational) but needed to tackle the issue of increasing threats from the effluent of lazy and dangerously  inconsiderate boaters.
»» Read the whole story

An rigid hull inflatable boat with a wake behind it races by an island

The first electrified RIB work boat

There are lots of RIB (Rigid Inflateble-hull Boats) that are powered by electric motors. (If you haven’t seen this one that goes 56 MPH, you should take a look.) But no one had put together an electrified commercial work boat to handle all the chores necessary when taking care of a marina, harbour or shipyard. The NaviWatt ZenPar580 has taken care of it now, and has their first order from one of the Mediterranean’s most historic shipyards. »» Read the whole story

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