New directories: electric boats/motors/accessories

As part of our goal to be the most complete source of information about electric boats and boating, Plugboats has put together international directories of suppliers in a number of categories:

The directories list almost 175 manufacturers and suppliers around the world, including some online and physical dealers and retailers. Each entry is designated with a logo and is accompanied by a short description of the company taken from its website and a link to the company’s website along with email and phone contact information.

Additional Plugboat Guides coming

The directories are part of the Resources section of Plugboats, which includes  the Plugboats Guides launched in late May with our Guide to Electric Outboards Under 5kW.

Responding to comments from readers, pricing information has now been added to the  Outboards Guide.

We are close to publishing our Guides to Outboard Motors Over 5kW and Guide to Electric Trolling and Kayak Motors.

The Directories and Guides all have comment forms for any suggestions, additions or general observations you may wish to add.

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