New Electracraft solar model gives 50 mile range

Electracraft, one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of electric boats, has introduced the first of three solar models that ring in the next generation of the classic electric cruising boat.

The 152TRS seen in this May 14 YouTube video will soon be followed up with the 162TRS and 182TRS versions.

The 152TRS appears to closely resemble the company’s very popular 152TR (no ’S’) trimaran, but with a solar panel roof rather than the standard twin bimini tops or non-solar fibreglass hardtop.

The solar roof is capable of generating 880W on a sunny day and in sunny climes there is every possibility that the boat will never need a shore charge.

When it comes to cruise time and range, the standard non-solar Electracraft 152 can go for 3.5 hours at top speed and 9 hours at cruising speed. The Electracraft site says the addition of the solar capabilities can provide up to double that run time and enable a range of 50mi / 80km.

One of the oldest and largest names in electric boats

CLose up photo of Skip Toller beside a lake

Electracraft and its founder have been at the forefront of electric boat development for more than 40 years.

In the early 1970s Frank Butler – founder of Catalina Yachts – came up with the first concept and design for a luxury electric boat meant to provide quiet and relaxing family time on inland lakes and waterways.

He was joined by Skip Toller (L) in 1979 and they joined together to turn the idea into what has become a very popular reality, with Electracraft boats sold in the US, England, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Canada, the Cayman Islands and China.

Presumably the solar Electracrafts will have the same amenities as the current trimarans with a spacious galley, bluetooth stereo, dining table and optional refrigerator.

You can use the contact form on the Electracraft site to request complete information and updates.

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