New Torqeedo headquarters and factory complex

Electric boat motor manufacturer Torqeedo headquarters are now in a brand new 8,300 m2 (90,000 sq ft) building near Munich where all company activities will take place, including research, development, and production. 

As part of the grand opening, Torqeedo’s invited its key customers, strategic partners, boatbuilders, dealers and distributors to visit the new complex for a series of strategy and technology workshops in the days preceding the event.

Company CEO Fabian Bez, says “The new facility allows us to implement lean manufacturing strategies which reduce waste, improve product quality, and ready the company for sustained, rapid growth. Torqeedo’s production lines were formerly split between three remote facilities, but with the new production hall, all lines are now run side-by-side.” 

At Torqeedo headquarters, CEO Fabian Bez leads an industry sessions
Torqeedo CEO Fabian Bez leads an industry session at the company’s new headquarters. Photo: Christian Brecheis

Dr Florian Herrmann MdL, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery and State Minister for Federal Affairs and Media, also spoke at the opening about the importance of Torqeedo for the country and e-mobility.

“Global champion for electric mobility on the water”

“Torqeedo is a global champion for cleantech and electric mobility on water and enriches the location with its new company headquarters,” said Dr. Herrmann. “It is great that another milestone in Torqeedo’s impressive company history is being written, combined with a clear commitment to the region and its people.

“Climate protection and zero-emission mobility are key issues in Bavaria on the way to climate neutrality, in which we are investing over 22 billion euros by 2040 with a climate protection offensive. We are proud that companies like Torqeedo are helping to open up new dimensions in sustainable mobility with innovation and a pioneering spirit.”

Find out how Torqeedo was named and see the boatshed where it started out

Torqeedo started in 2004 in a boatshed on a German lake where fossil-fuel motors were banned. Christoph Ballin had purchased a cabin on the lake and when he and his friend Dr. Friedrich G. Böbel looked at the existing electric boat motors available, they decided they could do better and started the new company. It is now regarded as the global market leader in electric boat motors.

New Torqeedo headquarters centralize operations

Torqeedo was purchased by huge German engine manufacturer DEUTZ in 2017 and at that time could boast of an average annual growth rate of 35% and sales in the previous year of €25M. During its strong growth phase Torqeedo had opened production, office and research facilities in various locations, but it became apparent that a single site was best to optimize operations. Ground was broken for the new facility in June of 2021.

Production of Cruise 6 in new Torgqeedo headquarters
Production of the Torqeedo Cruise 6.0. Photo: Andreas Graf

Bez says the company continues to strengthen it award-winning product lineup. “Over the past 17 years, Torqeedo has developed the most comprehensive product lineup for electrification in the marine industry. Within our global network, we have developed the technology, institutional knowledge, quantitative experience and partnerships that will allow us to define and create the emission-free future of the marine industry. We will stay ahead and propel beyond.”

Groupe Beneteau launches first all-electric Delphia yacht

Over the past few years, Torqeedo’s Travel and Ultralight models for recreational boats have become quieter and more responsive and are available with an extended-capacity battery and an easy way to charge from onboard solar. The Cruise motor lineup was recently relaunched with 50% more power and increased durability.

Torqeedo also partners with some of the world’s biggest and most reputable boatbuilders and technology partners. It integrates mechanical components from tech leaders in the marine industry, such as ZF for the development of 50- and 100-kW Deep Blue saildrives and Poseidon for steerable azimuth thrusters for water taxis and commercial ferry operations.

Torqeedo was recently named the electrification partner for Groupe Beneteau’s sailing, real estate on the water, and mindful cruising business areas.

“Whether by road, rail, air or water, sustainable forms of propulsion are needed to achieve the climate targets,” the CEO says. “Torqeedo recognised this early on and developed battery-electric drives for watercraft. We will soon produce our two hundred thousandth electric motor and have already filed more than 250 patents. Electric mobility on water, “Made in Germany” – this is what Torqeedo will continue to stand for in the future.”

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