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In our first Plugboats Podcast we are delighted to welcome the world’s leading authority on electric boats, Kevin Desmond, who literally wrote the book on the subject: Electric Boats and Ships: A History.

Kevin takes us through some amusing and revealing stories about the early days of the Electric Boat Association, how he came to write the book, and his recent projects centred around Venice: Venice Agenda 2028 and a new E-Regatta.

Some links relevant to the interview:

You can click »» here to find out more about Venice Agenda 2028 and sign the petition to electrify the canals of Venice by 2028.

You can purchase Kevin’s book through the link below

Electric Boats and Ships: A History
Available from Amazon, including Kindle

Amazon Customer Review: “Desmond’s new book leaves no doubt that electrically powered vehicles are already a fixture on the firmament of propulsion and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Well illustrated, meticulously written and researched, this book is a guaranteed ‘must’ on the bookshelves of all who have interest in this subject.



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Countess of Arran

Here is a link to the obituary of the colourful Countess of Arran, whose exploits in setting the electric boat speed record Kevin talks about in our conversation.

Electric Boat Association

The Electric Boat Association in the UK is going stronger than ever. You can find out more and about how to join the Association »» on their website.

Canadian Electric Boat Company

Beau Lake


Greenline Yachts

Electric Boat Association of France

Electric Boat Association of America

Netherlands Electric Boating Association

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