Plugboats Guide to Electric Boat Exhibitors at BOOT Dusseldorf 2024

The world’s largest indoor boat show – boot Düsseldorf, better known as simply ‘Boot’ – begins January 20 with at least 80 electric boat exhibitors, slightly higher than last year’s tally of about 75.

The 2023 edition was the first in-person event since 2020, so many exhibitors were keen to get out and meet personally with clients, customers and industry peers. Some e-boat exhibitors that were at the 2023 show are not coming this year, but it seems the new exhibitors, along with ones that didn’t make it last year but are in Düsseldorf this January, more than make up for them as the growth of electric boating continues.

Some selected highlights are below. We have done the best we can to cover everything, but there are probably some things left out. If you have something else that should be here, let us know in the Comments section at the bottom. The show is on until January 28.

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Blue Innovation Dock (BID)

The Blue Innovations Dock (BID) was started last year as an area where seminars and discussions are hosted on developing and increasing sustainable solutions for everything on and about the water: boats big and small, water sports, marinas and more.

Directly below are highlights of e-boat exhibitors at Boot, click »» here to see what is happening at the BID ‘dock’.

European Powerboat Awards adds Electric category

European Powerboat Awards
The European Powerboat Awards and the European Yacht Awards are without question two of the most prestigious awards n the global boating industry.  After the win by the hydrofoiling  Candela 8 in last year’s show, the Powerboat Awarda are recognizing the growth and importance of electric propulsion by introducing a separate ‘Electric’ Category to join the other categories of: Up to 8m, 10m 14m, 20m, Long Range and Powercats.

The winners in all categories will be announced on Flagship Night, January 20. Congratulations to the Nominees of the Inaugural European Powerboat Awards Electric category:

​Capoforte SQ 240 I   Edorado 8S   Kaebon Elektroboot Eins    X shore 1

UPDATE: X Shore 1 is the winner of the Electric Category of the European Powerboat of the Year

European Yacht Awards

The nominees in the European Yacht Awards are also demonstrating how quickly electric propulsion is growing. Eight of the 21 yachts nominated in this year’s awards have electric motors as an option, and the electrified sailing yachts range in size from 24 to 48 feet (7.3m – 15.3m)

The winner will also be announced on Flagship Night, January 20, so congratulations to the electric Nominees of the European Yacht Awards:

Arcona 50  •  Cape Cod 767  •  Contest 50 CS  •  Dufour 41  •  Elan Impression 43  •  Flaar 24  •  HH44 Catamaran  •  LITE X- Yachts XC 47  •   Saffier SE 24 

Arcona 50 winner of European yacht of the Year ‘Best Luxury Cruiser’
Saffier SE 24 winner of ‘Best Special Yacht’


Some notable electric debuts at this year’s Boot

Arcona Sailboats

Arcona was the first sailboat manufacturer to offer electric propulsion as the standard, not an option. That was on the Arcona 415. The company now offers Oceanvolt electric porpulaion available across its entire line and is showing the Arcona 50 European Yacht of the Year nominee along with the Arcona 435 Mk II ‘Greyhound of the Seas’ that won the 2019 Award in the Performance Cruiser category.

ASTender 340 Revolve – World Premier

The lightweight carbon fibre ASTender 340 Revolve is an excellent craft to be outfitted with an electric motor. ASTenders are high-performance boats, built on the highest standards in composite production: robust, durable and highly efficient.

AST is introducing the 340 Revolve with the 15hp electric engine from Mitek. The Revolve is the only sterndrive able to rotate on its own axis – another solution for those who are asking for electric jets or who have problems with dock or garage space, since the engine does not extend beyond the length and height of the overall boat while storage. The company says this engine is lighter, faster, has significantly more range and is a lot cheaper than available electric jets.

Contest 49CS

Contest is showing their eagerly awaited, first aft-cockpit model for the 50 foot market the company has served for decades with centre cockpit yachts. Now those who have been fans of the aft cockpit Contest 42CS layout now have a ‘bigger sister’ to enjoy. The all-new Contest 49CS is already in build and brings the comfort and reliability Contest is known for to the open aft cockpit sector.

The 49 CS use a Torqeedo Deep Blue system that combines the 50 kW Deep Blue sail propulsion with 40 lithium-ion batteries and fully integrated energy management on board. The system has hydroregenerating abilities and the boat also uses two Watt&Sea units in the hull and Solbian solar cells. The system also integrates a 20 kW DC  generator for long-distance travel.

eJet Cycle

JetCycle, is a French startup known for their innovative designs in the leisure marine sector. One of those designs is the eJet Cycle, a hydrofoiling personal watercraft propelled by the oldest energy source of all -human power. 

At Boot this year the company is displaying its new eJet Cycle, which combines pedal power with a durable battery providing up to three hours of autonomy.

The E JetCycle’s trimaran design provides assuring stability and makes the boat overall more user-friendly. The broad arms connecting the side hulls to the central hull also serve as swim platforms so users can easily climb back on from the water..

Nicolas Picard, the director of JetCycle, says “We were very proud to launch a world first two years ago with the JetCycle Max, but this model is less accessible for the average user as it requires power, cardio and balance. The E JetCycle is the perfect answer to this accessibility challenge”.

Elan Yachts

Elan Yachts is showcasing its Elan 6 and Elan Impression 43 at Boot, both of which have the option of Oceanvolt electric propulsion. The Elan 6 was a finalist in the electric sailboat category of this year’s Gussies Awards and the Elan Impression 43 is nominated in the European Yacht of the Year. The company is also giving a virtual tour of its new GT6 Explorer, which marks the first voyage for the company into a more off-shore, long-cruise focused yacht design.

ePropulsion launches new eLite 500 watt electric outboard..

The latest ePropulsion system – named the eLite – is the smallest to join the company’s growing portfolio. The 500 watt (.5 kW) eLite has been created for the tender and smaller boating market, and uses a direct-drive motor and advanced design propeller that delivers high efficiency with the near-silence of electric propulsion. 

Users can use the motor’s sport mode adds an additional 50% boost in power for challenging conditions or to hit the top speed of 5 miles per hour (8 km/h) for short periods. It has multiple charging options, including 110/220V AC, 12V DC and solar with the use of optional ePropulsion converters, it can be fully charged in around four hours.

“We are excited to start the year by introducing the eLite electric outboard motor, a game-changer in marine propulsion,” said Danny Tao, Co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “With its innovative features and commitment to sustainability, we believe the eLite will redefine the eco boating experience for enthusiasts worldwide and we are looking forward to showcasing it to visitors at this year’s show and beyond.”

Evoy – new digital configurator and OceanAir8 with Pascal AirHull

Evoy will be in a few places around Boot. At their own booth, but also at the booth of Nimbus and Alukin Boats. In their own booth they will be unveiling their new digital configurator that allows anyone to see which Evoy system will fit their needs.

Users can select one of the many boats now powered by Evoy, like the Gussies Award winning Axopar 25 or build their own system by selecting ‘design your system’ and choosing from the comapny’s inboards and outboards that deliver 120 to 400+ continuous hp. As you choose, criteria, the configurator filters compatible next steps in your design, from battery and charging options, to touch screen sizes.

At the Nimbus/Alukin Boats booth you can see the OceanAir8, which is powered by an Evoy Outboard Breeze 120+ hp motor. The boat showcases the AirHull of Pascal Technologies, in which a fan system in the bow blows air into a Pascal created space under the hull, creating a mini hovercraft effect with a 15cm cushion of air that reduces water resistance and drag. The hull technology can provide as much as 33% lower energy consumption and increase a boat’s range by as much as 50%.


World Premier of Frauscher X Porsche eFantom 850 Air

Boot 2024 is the site of the official World Premiere of the Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air. In October the two companies hosted sea trials on Italy’s Lake Garda in preparation for Boot. 

Speaking at that presentation, Detlev von Platen, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, said “This boat is the result of a great collaboration between two passionate companies with a strong tradition and a high standard of innovation.”

Frauscher Porsche  unveiled on Lake Garda

“It is a real milestone in the electric boat industry,” added Frauscher Managing Director Stefan Frauscher. “The electric version of the Fantom Air is better than the version with an internal combustion engine in all driving characteristics, such as top speed, acceleration and handling – and at the same time locally emission-free.”

Honda – “presents design study for electric outboard motor

We reported last year that Honda had an electric outboard motor on display at Boot Düsseldorf, but it was behind a glass case and kind of hidden away amongst the gas burners. This year they have the model on full display and issued an announcement saying:

At Boot 2024 in Düsseldorf, Honda is presenting the design study of a small, lightweight electric outboard motor. The model can be viewed at the Honda exhibition stand. It is currently still a study with which Honda is testing the acceptance of the concept in the market. According to current plans, the power source for the electric outboard could be the mobile Honda power bank “Honda Mobile Power Pack e:

Read the Plugboats ‘electric boats tour’ of Boot 2023

Mercury showing two new electric models and high power prototype

Mercury Marine is showcasing their two new low-voltage electric outboards, the Avator 75e and 110e, at Boot Duisseldorf. New for 2024, the 75e and 110e complete Mercury’s 5-model lineup of low-voltage electric propulsion and bring Avator’s innovative features and intuitive use to a higher power level. The company is also presenting a look at the next step in its electrification journey with a High-Voltage electric concept propulsion system. (Prototype pictured above.)

Mercury shows higher power Avator outboards at CES

BID selected schedule

Sunday, January 21

Pathways to Propulsion Decarbonization for the Recreational Marine Industry
12:00 – 1:00 PM
Presented by:
Joe Lynch, CEO of  ICOMIA
Jeff Wasil, Environmental Health and Safety, National Marin Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Chair of ICOMIA’s Marine Engine Manufacturers Committee

ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Association, will be presenting their research and conclusions on decarbonizing the recreational marine industry. This was first presented at the METSTRADE show in November and reaches some controversial conclusions regarding the efficacy of electric boats in reducing carbon. Jeff and Joe as they provide a condensed overview of the research, provide vital insights and signpost where more information is available. This report includes insights on boats ranging from small inflatable tenders, PWC, sailing yachts and high performance cruisers.

1:00 – 3:00
Keynote speech by Christoph Ballin – Realizing Decarbonization of Marine Mobility

As founder of Torqeedo, Christoph Ballin has played an enormous role in the electric boating and has lliterally ‘seen it all’ He recently founded TYDE boats and will provide his insight on the future of the boating industry in terms of propulsion and fuels.

1:30 -2:30 PM
Electric boating – Open Town Hall
This should be fun! A wide open session discussing electric boating, its challenges and opportunities in terms of decarbonization. It will feature industry experts from electric engine manufacturers and charging providers in an open townhall format with plenty of opportunities to involve the audience in a lively discussion.

Christoph Ballin, TYDE Boats
Fabian Bez, Torqeedo
Tomasz Gackoski, AMPROS
Jesse Makkonen, Kemppower Fast Charging
Maryline Marilly Aqua superPower

4:15 PM – 4:35 PM

The next step in Mercury Avator electrification journey
Bill McEathron, Program Manager for Mercury Marine, will provide an update on the Avator line and new electric product offerings.

Monday January 22

2:15 PM – 2:35 PM
Torqeedo: Pioneering Marine Electromobility Solutions for a Sustainable Future

This could also be fun with Yamaha having put in a bid to purchase Torqeedo on Friday January 19. This had been planned as a showcase for the market leader to outline their portfolio of products, but there may be many questions from the audience that change the flow.

Matthias Vogel, Business Unit Manager Customized Solutions
Thomas Wiedemann, Senior Vice President Global Program Management

Tuesday, January 23

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m
BID start-up pitch competition
Organized in cooperation with yachting start-up network Yachting Ventures, a group of five startups will present their products and solutions to a panel of industry experts and investors who are seeking to invest in innovative products and solutions.

Participating Electric boat startups:
Propulsion House Pulling-E: Jean Marc Bitouzet
Optima Yachts: Chloe Kendall

Friday, January 26

1:20  – 2:30 PM
Panel discussion on Electrifying boating and marinas

The session will explore the strongly advancing trend of electrification of boating and marinas. Industry experts will delve into the advancements, challenges, and opportunities in transitioning towards electric-powered boating.

Giulia Mora, Business Development Manager Aqua super Power
Martin Schemkes, Brand Director, Delphia  Boats
Peter Berg, Energy Innovatum Science Park, Trollhäten, Sweden
Maria Bouillet, CEO, Ouillet Energy
Oscar Siches, Sailor, skipper and member

3.50 PM – 4.10 PM
Presentation of Go:Leif project on electric charging
The session will see a presentation of the electric boat charging project go:LEIF that aims to accelerate the green transition through electrification, smart technology and sustainable business models. Its focus is on the Skagerrak region in Sweden and Norway, with its distinct recreational boating culture, many small harbors, marine destinations and a tradition of boat manufacturing.

Presenter: Peter Berg, Energy Innovatum Science Park, Trollhäten, Sweden

Saturday, January 27

1:30 – 2:30 PM
Foiling – Open Town Hall
While not officially ‘electric, there is bound to be lots of talk about electric propulsion in this foiling town hall, It will feature industry experts from foiling companies and sailing racing and provide plenty of opportunities for audience involvement.

Sailor Sanni Beucke
Chief Designer of INEOS Britannia, British Challenger of Record, 37th America’s Cup
Nicholas Honeth, Researcher, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Francis Hueber, CEO and co-founder, Caponnetto Hueber SL
Kjell van Sice, Marketing Manager, Armstrong Foils

Sunday, January 28

1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m
Keynote by Phil Sharp on Hydrogen – A Scalable Solution to Clean Power and Propulsion
Hydrogen power technology is a crucial part of the maritime sector’s roadmap to net zero, and offers a high-range, clean propulsion solution to a wide variety of leisure craft. Phil Sharp presents the exciting development story of their hydrogen-powered IMOCA 60, OceansLab, as well as the key learnings, challenges and opportunities for applying scalable green hydrogen, fuel cell and solar technology for decarbonizing motor and sail yachts.

1:30 – 2:30 PM

Hydrogen – Open Town Hall
Another session in the town hall format, this one discussing the exciting innovation around hydrogen technology in propulsion: challenges, opportunities and the impact of new materials on boat design and construction.

Laurent Perignon, Marine Business Development EODEV
Phil Sharp

Directory of Electric Boat Exhibitors at BOOT Dusseldorf 2024

Click any tile for company information and links.

Photo of Aerofoils Aerofoils

The World’s Safest Electric Hydrofoil.

Aircraft Inspired.

Advanced aerodynamics. Developed with more than 20 years experience in aircraft design.

Photo of AQAForce AQAForce 04562 260 97 55

We are a young dynamic company in Schleswig Holstein and have set ourselves the goal to provide sustainable and clean propulsion technology for boats. Environmentally friendly and water-saving solutions for global environmental protection are very important to us.

That is why we have founded this new company to devote ourselves to this endeavor with full force.


Photo of Aquamot Aquamot
+43 (0) 7682 8535

Photo of Arcona Yachts Arcona Yachts

The Arcona 415 is one of the first series produced sailing yachts with electric propulsion as standard.

Electric propulsion is already available across all the Arcona fleet as an upgrade option and Arcona Yachts is proud to have the largest fleet of electric ‘zero emissions’ yachts on the water, the first being the Arcona 380Z launched in 2015.

Photo of AS Labruna AS Labruna +39 080 77 71 35

Marine engines that are 100% electric embody innovative electric propulsion systems that ensure speed, performance and reliability for a greener mobility respectful of the environment. They are available in a variety of models and powers and can be installed on a range of different vessels sailing on lakes, rivers or seas.

Monopoli (BA), Italy

Photo of AST Yachts & Composites AST Yachts & Composites +49 331 / 70455690
Photo of Axopar Axopar

Axopar has joined forces with Evoy motors to produce Evoy electric version of their Axopar 25. Jan-Erik Viitala, Founding Partner of Axopar, says “Our partnership with Evoy is a perfect example of two great companies, on a joint mission, to expand the boating community and offer new ways of mobility for the future.”

Photo of Beneteau Beneteau

Beneteau First 44 with electric propulsionBeneteau has been a pioneer for recreational boating from the outset. With its world-leading ranges and iconic products, nearly 45 models offer diverse, high-performance capabilities.

With one single idea in mind: innovating in terms of both boats and processes to enable as many people as possible to realize their dreams, making the avant-garde accessible.

At Cannes Yachting Festival of 2021 Beneteau announced its first entries into electric boating, with Jérôme de Metz, Groupe Beneteau Chairman and CEO, saying “There are new expectations and user habits, new ways of travelling and latest technologies: a new world of pleasure boating and marine leisure is coming into view on the horizon, and all of us throughout Groupe Beneteau are positioning ourselves to be the leading players in this new world.”

Photo of BlueNav BlueNav +33 (0)5 56 83 70 25

BLuenav electric boat motors


Innovation for Nature.
Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition of boats towards 100% zero emissions

BlueNav has developed a complete energy and transportation ecosystem and is committed to meet the challenge of a user-friendly and environmentally friendly mobility.

Our electric turbines make it possible to transform an internal combustion engine (ICE) boat into a hybrid boat without any structural modifications.

Arcachon, France

Photo of Boarnstream Yachting Boarnstream Yachting +31 566 600 828
Photo of Boesch Boesch +41 44 711 75 75

A classic runabout boat that is electricWhat started over 95 years with a passion for traditional boat-building and developed continuously over four generations, has now become the epitome of high performance classic mahogany boats. The Boesch water crafts are characterized by a synthesis of form and function and strongly prove that there are still things that are perfect.

Kilchberg, Switzerland

Photo of Contest Yachts Contest Yachts +31 227 543 644

Renowned Dutch semi-custom yacht builder Contest Yachts has announced the exciting introduction of long-range all-electric propulsion. This is initially for the two new models of 2022, the Contest 50CS and Contest 49CS, with the intention in time that the option will extend into further range models.

Photo of De Antonio Yachts De Antonio Yachts +34 93 467 60 36

De Antonio Yachts e-23 electric boatThe most advanced technologies are used for the design, engineering, and construction in De Antonio Yachts, as well as an international team of specialists in each area. That is why the latest solutions, the highly demanded features, and the trendiest design has caused a notorious impact in the boat industry and brought De Antonio Yachts as one of the leaders in the day boat market.

The E23 is the brand’s first 100% electric boat, the beginning of a new era. An innovative model, which concept is based on maximum efficiency. Its compact proportions with a catamaran architecture integrates a foil between its hulls, giving it unique emission-free sailing performance in its segment while offering a practical and comfortable space on deck, with a careful design all throughout details and finishes. A model that combines cutting-edge technology and design

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Photo of Delphia Delphia

Delphia Electric Boat on river

Mindful cruising
We build boats that are specifically designed for the lakes and rivers of the world. We love slow and quiet cruises where we can fully connect with our friends, family, and nature.

We are mindful cruisers.

Our home is on the lakes and river.
Our boats are specially designed for all the sailors who enjoy fresh water cruising, all over the world.

We believe the best cruises are clean and quiet.
That’s why Delphia is committed to create boats that are fully electric, by 2024.

We love to escape from it all.
For us, boats are meant to be a second home, where comfort, space and light create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, for all your weekend getaway and holidays.

»» Contact Delphia

Photo of Drinkwaard Drinkwaard +31 184 412332

With a team of 20 specialists and extensive facilities, we are at your service. At Drinkwaard Marine you choose a solid partner in pleasure craft.

Photo of Dufour Yachts Dufour Yachts

The Dufour range of sailing boats comprises 9 iconic models designed to suit every sailing programme. Three are available with electric propulsion – Dufour 41, 470, 530., with four available . For over 60 years, Dufour yachts has a boat manufacturer have demonstrated their adaptability and versatility through beautiful innovations.

Photo of E-tech E-tech

For years, as boatbuilders, we have installed electric drives from third parties. Then in 2009 E-TECH decided to develop its own E-drive for yachts and boats. The ( many ) short comings of the systems, which were installed till then, forced us to develop a better solution. The best electric drives for an attractive price was and is the aim. As boatbuilders we are aware of the possible problems and aggressive circumstances which can occur on a (sea-going) boat, and we decided, first off all, that quality and durability prevail. Efficiency and economy were naturally the reasons


Photo of e’dyn by Podkrižnik e’dyn by Podkrižnik
+386 3 839 15 30

Photo of Edorado Edorado


We design, engineer and build the most advanced hydrofoil electric powerboat technology in the world. From developing and fabricating category-defining
high-speed flagships to inventing and manufacturing ground-breaking systems for OEM’s, we challenge convention and push powerboat technology to the very edge of possibility.


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo of Elan Yachts Elan Yachts

By constantly challenging accepted standards, we enhance time on the water, thereby enabling a more enriching experience.

Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design. Every yacht coming from Elan’s 16.000 sq meter boatyard in Slovenia is the result of our 70-year long passion for innovation-oriented quality boatbuilding.

Photo of ePropulsion ePropulsion Use web contact page

ePropulsion electric boat motorsElectric boat motor for sailboats
ePropulsion electric outboards enable one-design sailboats to leave and return to the marina quick, silent and maneuverable.  The hydrogenation and solar charging also allow sailors to travel further and sail sustainably.

Electric outboards for fishing boatsIdeal for both freshwater and saltwater, ePropulsion electric outboard motors are perfect for jon boats, aluminum fishing boats, bass boats and fishing pontoons.

Electric outboards for work boats
The electric outboard motor has a simple motor structure with much fewer components than gas engines. The quiet and exhaust-free experience also makes passengers comfortable onboard.

Electric outboards for dinghy and tenders
Our electric outboard motors make your boat trips comfortable, quiet and exhaust-free. Our maintenance-free designs save you time, money, and headaches.



Photo of EPTechnologies EPTechnologies +49 40 3348 24 76

EPTechnologies electric boat motor manufacturer

EPTechnologies is a complete marine propulsion provider for electric and hybrid vessels. We guide the customers through the process of turning dreams into real hybrid and electric vessels with the use of the finest quality that makes economical sense.

With us you get all out of one hand, from our in-house lithium-ion batteries, DC-generators and sail /shaft or Z / Jet drives and it’s all controlled by our own truster control and EMS / PMS software systems.

Our years of experience, quality, innovation and durability is a guarantee for a stress-free drive / sailing experience. We stand by our service! You will be surprised of how cost-effective we are, as most parts are done in-house or via direct dealerships with production

We build your electric dream on water.

Location: Sønderborg, Denmark

Photo of Evoy Evoy +47 3704 8888

Evoy boat motors: 2 high performance outboards and 2 high performance inboards

Norway has led the world’s adoption of electric cars.
Evoy and Norway will lead the world’s adoption of electric boats.

Evoy brings “irresistible boating” to the modern boater. An experience by delivering long-lasting Electric Boat Motor systems ranging from 120-400 hp continuous, accelerating the transition to emission free, blissfully quiet and sustainable boating.

A combustion engine has on average over 2000 parts. An Evoy motor has only 4 moving parts.

Offering flexible charging solutions from standard AC to fast DC – charging in less than an hour.

Remote support & maintenance, location services, updates and charge status at your fingertips.

Photo of Excess Catamarans Excess Catamarans

Excess introduces at the Cannes Yachting Festival the first hybrid Excess 15 equipped with Torqeedo’s flagship Deep Blue Hybrid system. With such an innovative project managed through the “Excess Lab”, Excess is taking a distinctive first step within the catamaran market towards more sustainability.

Photo of FinX FinX

Photo of Fischer Panda Electric Drive Systems Fischer Panda Electric Drive Systems +49 5254 9202 350

Fischer-Panada electric boat propulsion systems

Fischer Panda has manufactured electric and hybrid drive systems for houseboats, motor boats and yachts for more than 15 years now.

Electric drives from Fischer Panda are perfect for cruising on waters where conventional combustion engines are not permitted, both for monohull and multihull boats with one or two drives.

What we offer:

  • Complete system from a single source
  • Silent and vibration-free cruising
  • Up to 100 % emission-free
  • Sufficient power on board at all times
  • Efficient Motor
  • Unique manoeuvrability
  • Professional 24 h customer support
  • Extremely low cruising costs


Photo of flite flite +61 1300 003 5483

The Fliteboard™ eFoil gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

Photo of Flying Fish Foils Flying Fish Foils +31652618713
Photo of Forster Batteries Forster Batteries

Lithium LiFePO4 batteries
The very light lithium batteries are suitable for a wide variety of applications such as mobile homes, mobile homes, caravans, marine, fishing and solar energy storage. The safe LiFePO4 lithium technology is a full replacement for common lead, gel and AGM batteries with no risk of fire or explosion.

Use the advantages of FORSTER LiFePO4 batteries:
Double the capacity in the same space
At 1/4 the weight
up to 7 times longer service life

Photo of Four Winns Four Winns

The Four Winns H2e is the first, all-electric, series production bowrider on the market. This industry-leading move clearly positions Four Winns as an innovative pioneer with a clear focus on the refined customer experience.

“Just imagine jumping aboard your H2e, fully-charged and ready to go, from your trailer or private dock. No noise, no exhaust, no refueling, no hassle… just a rewarding day on the water,”
– Nick Harvey, Four Winns Brand Director.

Photo of Frauscher Frauscher +43 7612 636550

Electric boat from FrauscherTradition creates future.
Frauscher has stood for tradition and quality since 1927. For three generations now, we have been building yachts that inspire boating professionals and enthusiasts all over the world.

The virtuosic design, impressive performance and excellent quality are a joy to all adventurous spirits.

Our award-winning boats are sold in over 14 different countries across all continents of the world. Motor, electric and sailing yachts for both head and heart.

Location: Oberosterreich, Austria

Photo of Galvani Boats Galvani Boats +31 6 15081606

At GALVANI we are extremely excited about boating and about the environment. About being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of our planet in the company of family and friends. And about being adventurous and discovering new horizons. That’s why we believe that electric boats are the future and contribute to preserving our planet for next generations and for them to enjoy it as much as we do.

Photo of Garmin Garmin

The Garmin Force trolling motor has the power to move you from spot to spot more quickly and stand up better to winds and currents — and it’s still whisper quiet. The high-efficiency brushless motor operates at either 36 V or 24 V. When running at 24 V, it delivers comparable thrust to our competitors’ 36-V motors.

Photo of Greenline Yachts Greenline Yachts +386 4 572 77 34

With the introduction of the first hybrid boat in 2008, Greenline revolutionized the boating industry and ever since then the brand has been a synonym for constant innovation in boat building and design.

Our vision is to continuously shape the future of responsible boating by being the most innovative and responsible boat brand in the world.

Location: Begunje, Slovenia
Dealers located Worldwide

Photo of GreenPower Boats GreenPower Boats +31 6 20418094
Photo of Hanse Yachs Hanse Yachs
Photo of Highfield Boats Highfield Boats

With 27,000 boats delivered globally since the brand’s beginning in 2011, Highfield Boats is now the world’s number one in the RIB Tender sector and a global player in the 15 foot+ sector.

Photo of Honda Marine Honda Marine

Honda has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral across all products and company activities by 2050.

This also applies to outboard motors. At Boot 2024 in Düsseldorf, Honda is presenting the design study of a small, lightweight electric outboard motor.

The model can be viewed at the Honda exhibition stand. It is currently still a study with which Honda is testing the acceptance of the concept in the market.

Photo of Huracan Marine Huracan Marine 0438 801889

Huracan S.r.l. was founded at the beginning of 2012 in Venice. Since then its goal has been that of building entirely electric marine motors, non polluting, highly performative and more reliable than those already on the market. The motors had to live up to their name which is that of a Mayan deity, the lord of storms and lightning: Huracan. Born to protect and value fragile and unique environments such as the Venetian lagoon, all

Huracan motors can be used in places where combustion motors are prohibited. Huracan is the realization of a dream that its founders have shared: permanently eliminating polluting propulsions from Venice and its lagoon. This is no easy task: Venice welcomes hundreds of thousands of people and its transport necessities are those of a very big city.

Photo of Hutting Yachts Hutting Yachts +316 15169789

Would you like to sail electric or hybrid? And are you curious whether your sailing yacht can be converted into a hybrid sailing yacht or even be fully electric? We are happy to help you. Together with Stok-electric, we offer completely custom-made solutions for converting sailing yachts into electric or hybrid sailing yachts.

Photo of Ilmor Ilmor

A Glimpse of what the Future has in Store.
Representing the pinnacle of style and performance, the ION is a 6kW electric outboard motor designed to provide a smooth and quiet performance during your excursion. Packed with features not typically found on similar-sized motors, the ION pushes boundaries and offers the most integrated electric outboard available today. Stay tuned for further updates.

Photo of IMPACD Boats IMPACD Boats +31 (0)6 5722 9604

IMPACD Boats is located in Friesland and focuses on innovation and a sustainable experience on the water . Our sloops are 3D printed from recycled material . Together with our sloop line, we ensure a clean, sustainable and green future for future generations. Make a difference, make an IMPACD .

Photo of JetCycle JetCycle

Discover our new E-JetCycle boat!
A more accessible premium version for a sustainable and unique nautical experience

Photo of KAEBON KAEBON +49 (0) 89 250 077 33 0

KAEBON Founder and CEO Kai Krause came up with the idea of ​​developing and building the lightest electric motorboats available on the world market in 2020 Not only the hull of the Kaebon boats is made of carbon fiber, every little part is optimized with an almost obsession for weight reduction.

At 89 kg, the Kaebon EB EINS is an e-boat specially constructed and designed for unrivaled lightness. The globally innovative concept not only ensures effortless gliding and speed, but also guarantees maximum mobility, flexibility and efficiency.

The future of motor boating is electric. Performance, elegance, sustainability – this triad characterizes all Kaebon boats. After the launch of our debut EB EINS, we will soon be developing and offering more ultra-light carbon e-boats.

Photo of Kräutler Electric Motors Kräutler Electric Motors +43 5577 82534 0

The future needs new drive.
Every one of us needs his drive, his motivation. For us the electric motor is the drive – it makes us every day more flexible for new challenges. As a competent partner for special customer solutions, which our technicians realize in the shortest time, flexibility belongs to the daily tool.


Photo of Lasai Lasai +34 946 630 034

Discover a new way of boating with LASAI. Zero noise. Zero emissions. Experience silent cruising on our solar electric boats, a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

Photo of Liontron Liontron +49 (0) 2157 – 144 90 70

LIONTRON ® LiFePO4 batteries are a fully-fledged replacement for lead-acid batteries with all the advantages of lithium-iron phosphate technology.

The highest level of safety and a long service life, even with regular deep discharge, are given here. The technology enables an extremely high cycle life, which makes these batteries the ideal traction battery.

The battery is suitable for one-to-one replacement of lead-acid batteries such as AGM or gel, without changing the charging or discharging structure. Due to the absolutely usable capacity, it replaces lead-acid batteries with twice the capacity in practice, despite the extremely light construction.

Photo of Manta Foils Manta Foils +971 58 580 8590
Photo of Marian Marian +43 6137 202 13

Marian electric boats
Marian Boats combine consummate craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. We build environmentally-friendly boats with supreme manufacturing precision. Our electric engines are a worthy match for any conventional motor boat. We harbour a genuine passion for quality and innovation.

Location: Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee, Austria

Photo of Mercury Mercury 920-929-5040

Imagine. Boating – pure, simple, perfect. The Mercury Marine® Avator™ electric outboard concept explores boating at its essence. The Avator electric outboard concept from Mercury. A new way to Go Boldly.

Photo of Mitek Mitek +39 0544 264459

Mitek Srl manufactures permanent magnet synchronous electric motors that can be used both as propulsion engines and generators according to the highest quality standards for industrial and marine markets.With more than 10 years of experience, it is a flexible partner that provides competitive products and services for sustainable mobility. Its activities focus on the design, engineering and production of innovative high torque electric motors, which are lighter, smaller and more efficient.

Mitek Srl does not only manufacture motors, but it also offers repowering solutions that transform polluting boats or commercial vehicles into eco-friendly, efficient and innovative electric boats or cars.

Photo of Molabo Molabo +49 89 1792510-0

Molabo Electric Boat Motor on Centre Console boat


Looking for the perfect electric drive system for your boat?

The MOLABO shaft system offers a silent, vibration-free drive solution that is easy to install thanks to the safe-to-touch 48 V technology.

To make the installation as easy as possible for you, we offer additional components to the motor with integrated controller. With us you get everything you need for an efficient and reliable propulsion of your electric boat on a one-stop basis.


Photo of Nimbus Nimbus

Electric boating since 2009

Our corporate policy is to take great pains over building boats that enhance the relationship between boats, people and the environment. We have a vision; the increased freedom of people to move at will across the sea shall not be achieved at the expense of the environment.

We started our electric ambition already in 2009 and have had an electric powertrain as an option for three of our boat models since 2015.

Our E-power Concept, also known as “Environmental Power”, represents Nimbus environmental thinking for the future, in which we include the entire boat-building process from production engineering to climate-smart materials.

Photo of Oceanvolt Oceanvolt +358 10 3255281

Alex Thomson Vendee Globe yacht with power by Oceanvolt

Oceanvolt power and propulsion systems consist of several key components; a powerful regenerating motor, an ergonomically designed control lever, a propulsion battery bank, a charger and a motor controller.

Oceanvolt offers complete electric power and propulsion systems for either shaft or sail drive configurations with installations for monohull, multihull and commercial boats, for both private and charter use, across the globe. We work with many of the best boatbuilders and boat designers in the marine industry. And we have sales representatives and a global technical team ready to help you get the right system for your boat.

Location: Vantaa, Finland

Photo of Orphie Orphie

Share unforgettable moments at sea
Spend a summer day at sea aboard our privatized boats to welcome you, up to 10 people. A professional skipper accompanies you for your comfort, and to make you benefit from his knowledge of the natural site of navigation.

The pleasure of 100% electric propulsion, surprising sliding sensations, a large space on board as a playground and comfort

Simply navigate, discover, share and dream

Photo of Parsun Parsun +86 512 6621 2797


As a premier manufacturer of outboard motors, Parsun is committed to providing an array of marine products and after-sale services that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our offerings include both electric and gasoline outboard engines, each engineered to deliver optimal performance and fuel economy.

Our electric outboard motors are particularly distinguished for their zero emissions and near-silent operation, making them an environmentally-friendly choice for boaters.

Location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China

Photo of Pascal Technologies Pascal Technologies

Pascal AirHull is the next generation Surface Effect Ship (SES) solution, introducing an air cavity between the water and the vessel. Our technology significantly reduces energy consumption in high speed compared to conventional hulls, enabling long-range electric boats.

Photo of Philippi Philippi +49 7146 8744-0

Power supply and electrical distribution for boats and RVs

Photo of Piktronic Piktronic +386 2 460 22 50

Piktronik is an Austrian-Slovenian company working on the research, development and production of components for electrical vehicles (EV) and boats. We are able to supply you with a complete EV control system based on a DC or AC drive system including chargers and battery management. Almost all of our components are based on the micro-controller core, which allows us to include a lot of diagnostic and protection functions.

Photo of Proteus Boats Proteus Boats
Photo of PWRFOIL PWRFOIL +336 03 06 86 32
Photo of QS Seamaster QS Seamaster +39 02 488531
Photo of Rand Rand +45 3151 3030

Rand electric boat on lake with mountains in the backgroundThe RAND Electric Series offers the true as well as the free nature experience from wind sailing. Secondly, coupled with the maneuverability, speed and freedom of traditional motorboats, it’s a unique match. In short, this series uniquely offers fume-free, soundless and futuristic joy at sea. Jump onboard the vessels of tomorrow.

Location: Nordhavn, Denmark

Photo of REMIGO REMIGO +38641769489

Remigo electric outboard motor

Probably the last small outboard you will ever buy.

Superb product is sophisticated on the inside yet simple and intuitive.

We talked to yachtsmen. We observed boaters. We carefully listened to sailors. And their crews. A good outboard motor should support our endeavours and not interfere with them!

Introducing Remigo, world’s first fully integrated electric outboard.

Powerful as 3HP gasoline
Reliable range – up to 14NM at half speed – 3 knots
Maximum speed at around 5 knots


Photo of Ruban Bleu Ruban Bleu +33(0)2 40 48 74 33

Ruban Bleu electric boat of France

Since 1972 Ruban Bleu has been the European leading electric boats manufacturer in the inland waterway sector in Europe. Located in Loire Atlantique, the company offers a range of boats from 5 to 30 passengers for professional boat hire bases and private individuals.

For several years now, the company has been developing a range of products for passenger transport including the MOST and NAVETTE models, in order to satisfy all type of electric boating needs.

Location: Vigneux-de-Bretagne, France

Photo of Saffier Yachts Saffier Yachts +31 (0)255 – 51 28 60

A Saffier Yachts daysailer combines striking looks with great performance, solo sailing and premium building quality.

Photo of Solara Solara

Solar power – solar systems – solar energy. For campers, yachts and stand-alone systems

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany for over 20 years. As a specialist provider of stand-alone systems (e.g. mobile solar systems for various vehicles such as caravans and sailing boats), made in Germany, we guarantee a reliable power supply. Clean, emission-free electricity from renewable energy. Solar power wherever there is either no power grid available or where current development would mean exorbitant costs.

Location: Germany

Photo of Spirit Yachts Spirit Yachts

Spirit Yachts is the world leader in modern classic yacht design and build. Based in Suffolk on the east coast of the UK, Spirit Yachts has a portfolio of customised, wooden sail and power yachts ranging from day sailors to superyachts.

Spirit Yachts displayed two electric drive sailing yachts at this year’s Southampton Boat Show as part of Spirit Yachts’ drive to lower the carbon footprint of its yachts: a new Spirit 44CR (cruiser racer) and a Spirit 30.

Photo of Stickl Yachts Stickl Yachts

Electric yacht with cuddy cabin and 4 people on boardElectro boat experience with refined technology.

Location: Agard, Hungary

Photo of TEMO TEMO +33(0)9 70 70 38 80

TEMO electric boat motors

TEMO is a French brand of electric boat motors.

The company became known in 2019 thanks to a very innovative first model, the TEMO·450. Revolutionary in the nautical industry thanks to its light weight (5Kg), its unique tubular shape (integrated battery) and its telescopic ergonomics, it is inspired by urban mobility and propels all light leisure craft (tenders, boats, dinghies ).

Building on its commercial success, TEMO is now accelerating its development with the expansion of its range of motors (1000W, 3KW, 5KW) for all sailboats. Produced in France, in the Pays de la Loire and with a quality approach, TEMO engines actively participate in the decarbonization and revitalization of boating.

TEMO is an innovative brand, supported by an ambitious team, serving water and ready to take on many challenges! So that boating remains a pleasure: liberating and lasting! 🛶⛵️🌊”

Vannes, France

Photo of Torqeedo Torqeedo +49 (0) 8153 / 9215-100

Torqeedo electric boat motorsElectric drives for sailors
Torqeedo offers electric drives for sailboats from dinghies to yachts up to 120 feet: compact and powerful outboards, light and space-saving pod drives, one of the most powerful electric saildrives on the market, and the world’s first fully integrated hybrid propulsion and energy management system from industrial production.

Electric drives for motorboats
Enjoy a clean and quiet life on the water. Outboards from our Travel and Cruise series offer up to 20 horsepower of lightweight and emission-free fun. Need more power? Deep Blue, the first industrially produced, high-performance electric drive system for motorboats is available as outboard and inboard systems up to 100 kW.

Electric motors for kayaks
The ideal kayak fishing motor is quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Your Ultralight will take you to remote fishing grounds and allows easy, hands-free manoeuvring. On touring kayaks and canoes, the Ultralight serves as a compact range extender for extended tours and expeditions.

Electric boat drives for professionals
Reliability, efficiency and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial vessel – as are low and predictable fuel and maintenance costs. Torqeedo offers fully integrated, standards-compliant, high-tech drive systems at a competitive total cost of ownership.


Photo of Transfluid-Bellmarine SPA Transfluid-Bellmarine SPA +31(0)85 4868530

Bellmarine electric boat motorsBellmarine is a Dutch brand and historical leader in electric marine propulsion and more besides; With a concentration on the European market with over 4000 systems installed in various types of applications.

Transfluid S.p.A.,  an Italian  company, has been manufacturing power transmission  products  for over 60 years and is well established in the market thanks to its organisation of subsidiaries and distributors around the world. Transfluid has developed a complete range of hybrid propulsion systems and produces permanent magnet electric machinery.

Established in 2018, the new company Transfluid North Europe B.V.  combines the experience and knowledge of the two companies; both share a vision orientated towards the future with environmentally friendly propulsion, for marine and industrial applications, the natural evolution of their technologies.

The merger between the two companies now enables proposal of electrical and hybrid solutions suitable for any type of boat or industrial vehicle, covering a unique range of powers worldwide.


Photo of TYDE TYDE +49 151 1597 8023

An icon is born
Unprecedented in design and sustainable luxury.
A pinnacle of comfort, style and forward-thinking.
Experience riding a Tyde.

Location: Germany

Photo of Valkama Valkama +358 40 532 9219

Valkama electric picnic boat

Valkama All Electric Boat for Maximum Comfort and with Zero Emissions

A green shift in boating starts from Valkama – an electric aluminum boat with solar energy charging and storage station. Get ready for sustainable emission-free, silent and enjoyable boating!

Meet the Valkama Picnic Cruiser
The Valkama Picnic Cruiser is a hydrodynamic boat with all the right properties needed for a high-speed, long-range electric boating. The Valkama Picnic Cruiser offers the look and feel of a bigger boat. With electricity on board the Valkama Picnic Cruiser is equipped with yacht-like features such as a refrigerator, ceramic grill and high-quality sound system for enjoyable, sustainable and reasonably priced electric boating experience.

Mikkeli, Finland

Photo of Vetus Vetus +31(0)884 884 700

Peace and quiet on the water with only the sound of the waves. With the new E-LINE from VETUS you can enjoy nature at its best.  Think of the noise level of a sailing boat with the manoeuvrability of a motorboat.

The E-LINE from VETUS is compact, complete, highly efficient, plug & play and suitable for both new builds and re-powering. The E-LINE drive works with the V-CAN bus system and meets all current and future emission requirements.


Photo of Victron Energy Victron Energy +31(0)36 5359700

Our products include sinewave inverters, sinewave inverters/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors and more. Victron Energy has a strong, unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability, and build quality. Our products are widely considered to be the professional choice for independent electric power.


Photo of Virtue Yachts Virtue Yachts

Virtue Yachts are created by people with a deep passion for yachting. Our engineering team has many years of expertise in yacht production. But above all, we are active boaters ourselves. We specialize in creating yachts with features lacking in the current market.

Above all, we believe the future belongs to electric-powered boats. From the first moment of designing the V10, we planned and optimized the outside and inside hull design for modern Li-ion batteries and EVOY electric engines. As battery technology is advancing fast, we believe the capabilities will exponentially increase and eventually replace conventional engines in pleasure boating. Let the future begin now.

Photo of Viva Electric Jet Viva Electric Jet +358 44 597 0609
Photo of Volvo Penta Volvo Penta

At Volvo Penta we’re unique innovators and also a proud part of the Volvo Group – benefiting from the knowledge, experience and strength of the global network. From propulsion systems to drivelines, user interfaces and support, everything is designed, developed and manufactured together. It’s integration for harmonious usability and ownership – on and off the water.

Photo of Water World Water World

WaterWorld electric inboard boat motor

WaterWorld offers many benefits over traditional electric boat drives.

  • affordable – one of the most affordable electric inboard drives on the market
  • quiet and clean – practically no motor noise and no emissions
  • efficient – for better range without adding extra batteries
  • reliable – tested and proven technology
  • future proof – second hand value of combustion engines will be decreasing with increasing environmental awareness and regulations
  • easy to install – one unit for motor and controller, no water cooling system and direct connection to the shaft, without a gearbox
  • easy to service and update – controller can be easily updated, or quickly exchanged in case of emergency
  • support and training – marketing and technical support for WaterWorld dealers


Photo of Whisper Yachts Whisper Yachts

Solar electric motor yachts.

Breaking the codes with innovative solutions.

no toxic emission

from exhaust, no fuel odours

due to absence of vibration

nor use of inflammable combustibles


Photo of Windelo Windelo

Due to its innovative catamarans, combining recycled and bio-sourced materials, electrics engines and green energies sources Windelo received the special mentioning “sustainability” from the European Yacht Of The Year 2022!

Photo of Wolong Wolong +86 (21) 3328 2771
Photo of X Shore X Shore

Electric boat with logo of German Design Awards in the corner of photo
Travel up to 100 nautical miles on a single charge.
X Shore crafts are capable of traveling at speeds of 40 knots.
Minimum footprint on the planet & your wallet.
Uses a groundbreaking propulsion system. Details coming soon.

Location: Sweden

Photo of X-Yachts X-Yachts

A new range of electric powered sailboats is a natural step for X-Yachts in order to support a greener future. Based on our path of 42 years of innovative yachts and heritage, combined with Danish green and sustainable energy.

Every X-Yacht is designed with performance in mind – and the X4⁹E is no exception. The X4⁹E is the first X-Yacht built as a hybrid-powered yacht. It is fitted with 2 x 10 kW electric saildrives, a 28,8 kWh Lithium battery bank and an onboard DC generator with a capacity of 11 kW.

The hybrid concept is chosen to make long-distance crossings possible without worrying about distance limitations. A pure electric solution is also available if limited distance under engine can be accepted.

Photo of Yamaha Yamaha

Yamaha Motor to Begin Pre-orders of Next-Generation Boat Maneuvering System HARMO in Europe ― More comfortable, smart package boat with electric motor quietness

Photo of Zodiac-Nautic Zodiac-Nautic

Zodiac Nautic e-Open electric powered RIBBreathe…
Now imagine the pleasure of a family trip to a remote cove, the intense sensations of water skiing, the thrill of diving with friends, the joy of fishing… All those pleasures are yours with a Zodiac boat!

We share your pleasure and passion
for navigation and exploration. With a Zodiac boat you have a steadfast companion by your side while navigating seas all around the world. We will be there to escort you safely, whether you are an expert captain or if it’s your first time on the water.

Present in more than 50 countries around the world,
Zodiac Nautic and its 1,600 dealers will put their expertise at your service. Join the Zodiac Nautic community, a brand that has already impressed more than a million customers.

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