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The Plugboats Electric Boat Directory

It’s our goal to compile the world’s most complete directory of electric boat manufacturers, electric motor manufacturers and distributors, sources for accessories like batteries, inverters, control panels, marine solar panels, rentable electric boats and just about anything connected to electric boats. It’s a work in progress, especially trying to figure out exactly what the categories should be. But you have to start somewhere. There are about 85 listings so far. We are open for corrections, suggestions, additions and and improvement ideas! Use the Contact page to reach us.

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a very large trimaran wirh solar panels sails toward the camera

The Energy Observer is a trimaran ocean and environmental research vessel with the goal of circumnavigating the globe with zero carbon emissions, powered entirely by hydrogen extracted from the seawater it travels through. It has already travelled over 10,000 nautical miles around France and the Mediterranean and is now taking off for Northern Europe and the Arctic Circle.

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a man drives an open sided jetboat with hydrofoils that keep it flying above the water

Just take a look. This is one sweet looking machine, the Quadrofoil. The Slovenian creators first started work on the concept in 2013 and now have a big investment from Swiss VC company AlpVent AG to bump up the marketing and the manufacturing capacity.

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a classic bright red 1960s motorboat that has been restored

Classic fibreglass hulls restored to their 50s/60s glory and now for rent for quietly cruising around a little town in Michigan that is also home to what Conde Nast Traveller has deemed one of the top 25 beaches in the world.

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long electric boats with fringed roofs on the lake in front of a large building at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

In our latest TBT based on Kevin Desmond’s book Electric Boats and Ships: A History, we look at a company that launched their electric boats at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, built John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 patrol boat (along with 79 others), went dormant for awhile and is now making electric outboards that won Best New Green product at the 2018 Newport International Boat.

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three boats - two solar boats and a shipping boat with huge sails

Changing the world seems a pretty big claim, but these three companies have been recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation, an organization founded by Bertrand Piccard, the eco-adventurepreneur who flew a solar plane around the world. The three e-boat companies (well, one is a wingsail system) selected as recommended ‘environmental solutions’ are SeaZen of France, City Boats Lisbon of Portugal and Bound4Blue wingsails of Spain.

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