TYDE and BMW team up for 15m / 48 ft hydrofoiling yacht

TYDE, the electric boat company headed by Torqeedo founder Christoph Ballin, has announced its second boat – the TYDE OPEN – which follows on the launch of the TYDE ICON at the Cannes Yachting Festival last September.

The OPEN is the largest hydrofoiling luxury yacht for private individuals, and as with the ICON, has been designed in collaboration with BMW and its innovation forge Designworks subsidiary. The ICON was honoured with the Wallpaper Smart Space Award and the 2023 Boat Builder Award in the category of Innovative Design Solution.

“With THE ICON, we have shown how elegant and luxurious sustainable mobility on the water can be” said Ballin, now the Managing Director (and co-founder) of TYDE. “The continuation of the cooperation with BMW is now fuelling this entry of the new model that brings future-orientated mobility to the day yacht segment.”

Hydrofoiling uses 80% less energy

At a length of just under 15 metres (14.7m /48ft 3in), the OPEN offers all the amenities clients expect in that segment, and of course it also has the added benefit of operating with zero emissions.

A vessel that large creates a lot of drag and water resistance, which is where the hydrofoiling technology comes in. The foils are ‘wings’ that lift the hull of the boat out of the water so that the only water resistance comes from the small profile of the hydrofoils.

That means the boat can ‘fly’ above the water (and the waves and swells) using up to 80% less energy.  Aside from a luxurious and graceful magic-carpet-like ride, it also extends the range of the vessel massively.


While the ICON (left, above) has the appearance almost of a living room or salon on water the OPEN (right) has a more traditional yacht layout, with seating ahead of an enclosed helm and seating area. Large windows allow natural light to stream into the luxurious setting. The roof oaf the area is covered in solar cells.

There is bench seating in the forward area of the helm, and the back half has a dining area with sofas and table extending out to a sunpad and bathing platform at the stern. There is berthing for two and a head-shower compartment below the foredeck.

The drive train and system will be similar to that of the ICON, a 400kWh bank of BMW i3 batteries powering twin 100kW (≈130 hp) Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motors. The company estimates a 50nm range at a 25-knot fast cruise (90km at 45km/h). Top speed is 30 knots (55 km/h).

The company says the new climate-friendly open luxury yacht “represents a class of innovative watercraft that is characterized by a revolutionized user experience, the most advanced automotive technology, radical innovations and progressive design. As a pioneer in this new category, the open yacht concept is specifically geared towards the needs of private users who are interested in innovative and sustainable luxury products.”

Boat and carmakers partnering for marine e-mobility

While TYDE is responsible for the concept, development, production and marketing of the project, BMW is contributing components and expertise from the field of electromobility. This is not the only collaboration between boat builders and auto companies. In October Porsche and Frauscher unveiled the all electric 850 eFantom Air and and Candela is partnering with Polestar on battery and drive systems.

Regarding TYDE, Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Communication and Brand Experience BMW says “Our aim is to use pioneering design and intelligent technology transfer from the automotive sector to provide additional impetus for the BMW-typical joy of sustainable mobility,.”

With its announcement in the context of the 28th World Climate Change Conference in Dubai this December, the new OPEN day yacht is now available to order. The first boats will be delivered in autumn 2024.

TYDE – website TYDE – Plugboats 

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