WaVeS #8: Electric boat news and updates

Plugboats WAVES (Watts, Amps, Volts, Electrons) is an occasional collection of electric boat news and electric boating items that we have written about before and are updating, or items we are going to write about but are waiting for more information / developments – or items that are just tidbits you might find interesting.

So without further ado, here is WAVES #8, with electric boat and boating news about:

  • Electric boat winners in the Multihulls Awards
  • Propel delivers 1st axial flux electric outboard
  • Electric motor manufacturer Evoy turns 5!
  • Remigo One electric outboard wins another award
  • X Shore Eelex 8000 now available for US boat club members
  • France’s Electric Boat Day to be held May 23

Electric winners in Multihulls World ‘Forever Green’

Sunreef Eco 80 electric sailboatThe results are in for the 6th annual Multihull of the Year Awards run by Multihulls World / Multicoques Magazine. The awards are for ‘the best new multihulls launched on the market’ in four categories, one of which is ‘Forever Green’, sponsored by LIZmer yacht financing.

Some of the catamarans in the awards were also Finalists in the Electric Sailboats category of the 2022 Gustave Trouvé Awards for Electric Boats, and similarly to the Gussies, the finalists were selected by a jury, followed by public voting. Descriptions of the boats are from the Award Winners page of Multihulls World. And the results of Forever Green are…

 (Gussies 2022 1st Place)
    Thanks to its sails, its high capacity of green energy production and its electric motors, the Sunreef 80 ECO can boast of sailing while reducing polluting emissions – without passing up on luxury!
    The shipyard has developed an eco-responsible composite sandwich to reduce the multihull’s environmental footprint by 47%. The 54 is equipped with two electric motors of 20 kW each.
    The electric Aura 51 is fitted with two 25 kW motors that work in hydrogeneration mode and 2,000 Wp of solar panels.
  4. VAAN R4 (Gussies 2022 Finalist)
    Vaan opted for aluminum, but mostly recycled. This first 40-foot catamaran is probably the smallest mass-produced catamaran ever built in this material.
  5. HOPYACHT 30
    The multihull is designed to be easy to sail with a single furling genoa and a mast that is logically stepped well aft to ensure good overall performance.

Propel outboard now in the hands of first customer

The team at Propel have been hard at work getting ready to deliver the first of their Propel 1 axial flux electric outboards and the big day has arrived.

They said in their LinkedIn post announcing the milestone “At first, we thought, “how hard can it be?” but in reality, it takes a small army of obsessed and highly motivated people to put a high-end electric ⚡🔋💚 outboard on the market that outperforms the competition and meets demanding expectations.”

They have also announced that their Propel B1 battery companion app is available in beta testing, enabling real time view of the SOC (state of charge), battery health and more through a Bluetooth connection.

The team earlier shared this video of the pre-production motor in action. As they said: It was windy yesterday, so we thought it would be a good day to check out how the S1 performs behind a rib in 9 Beaufort winds (that’s 75 – 88 km/h, 41-47 kts!). We’re incredibly impressed with its performance, even with the default but highly optimised propeller.”

Happy  5th Birthday Evoy!

In 2018, Leif A. Stavøstrand and his father brought to reality their vision of electrifying boats with the mission to eliminate emissions at sea. In their newsletter they say “Today, after five years of navigating treacherous and uncharted waters through storm and calm, Evoy is leading the charge on electrifying the oceans!”

Along the way they have developed full inboard and outboard systems with power ratings up to 300kW (nominal) and forged partnerships with builders of both recreational and work boats:  Axopar, Goldfish, Helgeland Plast, Highfield, Hydrolift, Iguana, Navia, Performance, Tideman and many more. They have also been key in developing high speed charging networks in Norway and other countries, working with companies like Plug and Aqua superPower. 

Evoy has made a video compilation of the journey so far, which you can view on their website. And you can also track their amazing progress through the coverage in the pages Plugboats dating back to May of 2019:

Read the history of Evoy as seen in Plugboats

And this just in…Evoy has announced they are working with the Lydlos Boat Show, Norway’s Plug electric utility and other companies and organizations as part of the ZeroKyst collaboration between stakeholders from industry, municipalities, and research and development programs to trigger innovation and climate-friendly solutions giving Norwegian fish and seafood a competitive advantage.

Congratulations to Leif and everyone at Evoy. Keep up the great work!

Remigo electric outboard wins another award

The international Green Product Award has been honouring products and services that stand out in terms of design, innovation and sustainability since 2013.

Participants from 40 countries submitted a record 1300 entries in the 2023 Awards, and the best 200 products and concepts were nominated as Finalists. Winners were chosen by a panel of 26 Jurors that includes corporate heads, government officials, designers, journalists and educators from Sweden, Germany, Italy, China, Poland and the USA.

The Remigo One, winner in the 2023 Mobility category, is adding to its trophy case. It previously received a special mention at the 2020 METSTRADE DAME Design Awards as well as a Slovenian Selection of Design Excellence.

The lightweight 1000W electric has a number of innovative design features including a tiller that doubles as a carrying handle, an easy drop-in transom mount and a rudder-like shaft profile which facilitates better steering and boat manoeuvring. 

The Remigo team started with a blank slate when designing the motor and interviewed dozens of boat owners to understand what innovations  could relieve the ‘pain points’ of an outboard. “This innovation shows how sustainable design can combine user needs, product design & performance and of course material benefits in a mature product solution.“ Official Green Product Award Jury Statement.

Congratulations to Marko Vrtovec and the entire Remigo team.

X Shore now available for members of US boat club

Safe Harbor Marinas, the largest owner and operator of marinas in the world, is now offering its members exclusive access to X Shore‘s Eelex 8000 at a number of its US boat clubs.

“The enthusiasm from our members about the X Shore program is noticeable” says Rebecca LeBlanc, a Vice President of Safe Harbor. She said that a number of  members have been out on the Eelex 8000 through the company’s Safe Harbor Experience events and the word is spreading. “They are highly anticipating the addition of this amenity to our different marinas across the country. Our partnership with X Shore will continue to have a positive impact on the future of the marine industry.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Safe Harbor Marinas to encourage more boating enthusiasts to experience 100% silent, high-performance electric boats,” said Jenny Keisu, CEO of X Shore. “Our organizations share a passion for the water and a deep commitment to sustainability.”

Safe Harbor members have exclusive access to Eelex 8000 vessels at its locations in San Diego, Charleston, Montauk, Newport, West Palm Beach, and at pop-up locations throughout its extensive network.

France’s Electric Boat Day to be held May 23

Organized by the AFBE: Association Française du Bateau électrique and the communication agency Ilago, France’s first Electric Boat Day (Journée du Bateau Électrique / JBE) will be held at the Centre des congrés in Dinan on May 23, 2023.

The goal of the JBE is to share experiences and exchange ideas to better understand the current reality of electric propulsion and propose ways to accelerate its adoption for ships, leisure boats and workboats in maritime, coastal and inland waters.

A series of round tables and workshops will examine:

  • How to transform internal combustion engines into electric ones and optimize the refit of existing ships?
  • How to guarantee the security of on-board technical solutions?
  • How to meet the expectations of shipowners in terms of autonomy?
  • What will be the types of electric propulsion best suited for different navigations and typesa of boats
  • What economic model should be encouraged to allow the structuring of a high-performance French sector at the international level?

Speakers and participants at JBE include designers, managers and directors from Naviwatt, Ship ST, Pinball Boat,  Brittany Ferries, ADV Propulse, VNF (Waterways of France), 
Aurélie MILLOT, Deputy Director of VNF (Waterways of France), the Port Community of Paris, Euromaritime and the French Electric Boat Association (AFBE)

You can find more information on the JBE website

Exciting things are happening every day in electric boats and boating.
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