X Shore launches 2nd electric boat model at BOOT

Riding on the overwhelming reception to its first electric boat, X Shore is launching its 2nd electric boat model, the Eelord 6000, at the BOOT Düsseldorf show, the world’s largest boat and water sport gathering.

It was one year ago at the 2019 BOOT that X Shore burst onto the electric boat scene with its flagship Eelex 8000 model and another 12 metre prototype.

Formula One Champion Nico Rosberg and X-SHore electric boat founder Kondrad Bergstrom on the X-Shore in MonacoSince that time founder Konrad Bergstrom has generated a huge amount of interest in what he has called ‘the Tesla of the seas’ and shown it off at events like the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show. In Monaco he took former F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg out for a spin around Port Hercule, and Nico was so impressed he posted a video on his Instagram account.

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Along the way the company’s website was nominated for a Webby, the boat won a German Design Award for excellent product design and the company launched a FundedByMe crowdfunding campaign with a goal of  €475,000 and a final tally of contributions more than three times that amount: €1.5 million.

2nd electric boat model a smaller, closed bow X Shore

2nd X-Shore boat, smaller closed bow Eelord, beside the larger Eelex original model

Last year the 12 metre boat the Swedish start up presented was essentially the same model as the Eelex 8000 only bigger. The new Eelord 6000 is smaller than the 8000 at 5.8m /19ft  and has a closed bow runabout-ish style that is quite different from the larger vessel. 

Both boats have a 225kW electric motor strapped to a Volvo Penta DuoProp sterndrive. There are two battery options available: a 90kWh and 120kWh. Batteries are Lithium-Ion and can be charged through 360V or 220V. Depending on the  power source charging time from full discharge to full charge is about 8 hours.

As for speed and range, the new electric boat model has not yet undergone complete sea tests, but the Eelex 8000 goes at a pretty good clip, as you can see from the video below shot at the Monaco show with Swedish freestyle skier Jon Olsen. Like all electric boats, the acceleration is unmatched, and X Shore craft have reached speeds of up to 40 knots. A total distance of 100 NM can be covered at lower speeds.

Great boats, not just great electric boats

The temptation is always to put electric boats into their own class, but the X Shore (like lots of other e-boats) is simply a great boat. Attention has been paid to every detail, and great thought has gone into how it will be used and how it can make the owner’s life more enjoyable.

The design is Swedish minimalism at its best and it allows owners the opportunity to sit down with the boat designers to customize many facets. The basic design includes a system of struts and rails making it easy to secure different types of loads and to add or move seats.

X-SHore Tesla of the see has an eel maidenhead on each electric boatOne final word about the design, and the name. Why Eelord and Eelex? X Shore founder Bergstrom is inspired by nature in general and especially the sea. “We all come from and belong to the sea.” he says. “I have always been fascinated by it, and my passion for the ocean and all the things it offers us led me towards the concept behind X Shore.”

The inspiration for the boats is derived from the South American eel: a creature defined by its strength and grace. You may not have noticed, but the ‘EEL’ is part of the names. The boats are modelled with a robust head and a streamlined body and run entirely on electric energy to create a silent, dynamic vessel. And they sport an eel ornament/maidenhead on the bow drawn by cult tattoo artist William Pacheco and sculptured by Johan Ferner Ström. Hence the names Eelex 8000 and Eelord 6000. One presumes that the older, bigger sea creature is happy and proud to welcome a new sibling.

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