Weekly Round-up February 25 to March 3

a luxury 64' yacht seen from above with solar panels on its roof

Solar yacht is finalist in OCEAN Awards

The OCEAN Awards is a joint program from super/megayacht magazine BOAT International and the Blue Marine Foundation, a UK conservation charity dedicated to creating marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing. One of this year’s nominees in the Innovation category is the solar powered Silent-Yachts 65.
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photograph of students from University of Central Florida

New super quiet electric fishing boat

Correct Craft is the umbrella corporation overseeing a variety of well known brands of boats and boat-related accessories. They started the Watershed Innovations division a year ago to work at the leading edge of marine technology and trends. Watershed teamed up with engineering students from Central Florida University and are now set to reveal a next-to-silent electric-powered fishing boat they hope will set a new standard for outsmarting bass and other underwater prey.
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A blue pontoon boat in profile

GM unveils new electric …boat?

Find out what happens when the GM Marine division takes an electric motor, battery pack and electronics system from a Chevy Volt, puts it in the hull of a pontoon boat and hooks it up to a Volvo Penta Duoprop.
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A classic 30 foot saloon boat with wooden fittings sits in a canal in Amsterdam

Electrified canal boats of Amsterdam

A city ordinance from 2013 mandates that all commercial canal traffic in Amsterdam be zero-emission by 2020 (2025 for some larger boats). Here is a gallery of some of the classic saloon type boats – formerly the preserve of the very well-to-do – that have received electric makeovers and ply the waters of the city’s UNESCO designated waterways. 

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Artist's conception of large electricity-powered cruise ship

World’s largest batteries for Arctic cruise ships

Regulations in Norway also have mandated zero emission propulsion for boats that enter the country’s pristine fjords. It includes everything from the smallest runabout to the largest cruise ship. Canada’s Corvus Energy just received the contract to provide what are so far the world’s largest marine batteries, for two ships that will take passengers to the northernmost town in the world. 
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A large catamaran in the Florida Keys water trailed by two kayaks

Solar electric dolphin watching in Key West

And back in warmer climes, we look at a snorkeling/diving/kayaking outfit in Key West that has constructed a solar powered catamaran to take their passengers out to visit bottlenose dolphin while having the least possible impact on Florida’s coastal waters.
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