Electric boats at Dusseldorf – a breakout year!

Here are links to all of the Plugboats stories about the electric boats premiers, news and debuts at the Dusseldorf Boat Show from the past 10 days. By all accounts it was a breakout year for electrics – as you can see from these articles.

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photos of the two electric boats at Dusseldorf nominated for powerboat of the year at duesseldorf

The European Powerboat of the Year nominees included 2 electric boats in 2020, a huge confirmation of the rapid advance in electric boat technology and capability. The two boats are the Candela 7 hydrofoiling speedboat which has been specifically designed for electric propulsion and the NEO HT from Greenline, which can be ordered electric powered or gasoline/petrol.

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inflatable solar catamaran showing the solar roof and electric motor

This new inflatable solar catamaran debuting at the Duesseldorf Boat Show is a clean energy pontoon-type boat that is perfect for taking friends out for a pleasure cruise without them having to yell over the racket of a fossil fuel boat motor. It’s called the Eletricat, by Slovenia’s Hovercraft and you can check it out in person at Duesseldorf in Hall 15 Stall B58.

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photos of electric motors that can be dropped in to the engine area of a fossil fuel botMOTORS / INBOARD-OUTBOARDS, STERNDRIVES

These 2 new swap-in electric motors for MerCruisers are exhibiting at the Duesseldorf Boat Show this week and gaining attention as an easy way for fossil fuel boat owners with sterndrives AKA inboard/outboards to ‘go electric’. The motors and their mounts are being shown by German company AQAForce and EPTechnologies of Denmark.

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World's fastest electric boat speeds over the water leaving a wake


The world’s fastest production e-boat, the SAY 29E runabout by SAY Carbon and powered by a 360 kiloWatt electric motor, will be on display – and for sale – at the Düesseldorf Boat Show

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The 2nd X-Shore electric boat model rides hrough rough weather and high waves


The incredible solar yacht SolarImpact turned more than a few heads almost exactly a year ago at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, and now its creators are ready to unveil the next incarnation at this year’s show.

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Domani’s E32 chaseboats (coming in three different models) can go for 100 nautical miles (185 kms) on a single charge, silently cruising along at a speed of 8 knots for up to 12 hours. That should be plenty of time to let passengers, onlookers and technophiles alike admire its luxe furnishings, handsome lines and exceptional engineering.

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Chauffeur of a Q-Yachts electric boat eLimo takes two passengers along a European canal


Dusseldorf is the scene of the world premiere and unveiling of a new electric boat eLimo from Q-Yachts, a pioneering e-boat manufacturer. (A life-size 1:1 mock-up and virtual tour of the eLimo will be available in Q-Yachts’ Hall 4 Stand D03 during the 9 days of the show.)

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A Dutchcraft electric boat speeds along the sea with a city skyline far in the bakgroundTENDERS / CARBON FIBRE

The DutchCraft 25, an 8 metre carbon fibre tender, is another exciting e-boat that made its debut at Dusseldorf 2020. After its unveiling on Sunday (28 Jan), it can be seen at the DutchCraft area in Hall 01 – Stand C37.

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A blurred image of the SolarImpact solar yacht with the words V2.0 in front of it SOLAR YACHTS

The incredible solar yacht SolarImpact turned more than a few heads almost exactly a year ago at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, and now its creators are ready to unveil the next incarnation at this year’s show.

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