Volvo Penta going electric in 2019. Good news!

The announcement of Volvo Penta going electric is big news in electrified marine propulsion, with the industrial and marine engine division of Volvo issuing a clear statement that by 2021 it will provide electrified power solutions for both its land and sea-based business segments.

The announcement follows in the lead of the automobile division which will be ending its internal-combustion-engine only models and offer only electric and hybrid engines beginning in 2019.

Volvo-Penta going electric with research done in this electromobilility lab - two people looking at computers and motorsUnderpinned by the success of hybrid and all-electric technology introduced by the Volvo Group, Volvo Penta’s electrified solutions will demonstrate the company’s long-term commitment to offering customers the latest and most appropriate power source for their user applications.

“Volvo Penta is embracing the electric transformation and will be at the forefront in delivering compelling business cases to customers using this new technology,” said Björn Ingemanson, president of Volvo Penta.

Update added Sept. 10, 2019: Volvo Penta electric saildrive introduced

“We are already several years into its electrification journey,” added Johan Inden, chief technology officer. “We have spent this time building competencies, experience and establishing the technologies required to deliver a sustainable power solutions road map.

Volvo Penta going electric is part of overall Volvo corporate commitment

Volvo Penta has restructured its organization to accelerate the switch towards electrified power and has committed to an ambitious ramping up of its electrification investment program. An electromobility development-and-test laboratory has also been established at its Swedish headquarters.

Volvo Penta is a Tier 1 partner to many leading equipment manufacturers in the marine and industrial segments, so it is in a unique position to further develop the proven electric platforms from the Volvo Group.

While the power outputs and applications of the initial electric systems are being kept confidential for the time being, the company has announced that both hybrid and all-electric solutions will be offered at the outset. Volvo Penta is already field testing early prototypes and system validation is under way.

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